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AIDS Healthcare Foundation

AIDS Healthcare Foundation

AIDS Healthcare Foundation

What is AHF? AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is a Los Angeles-based global nonprofit organization that aims to provide medicine and healthcare to millions of individuals living with HIV and AIDS. This year, the organization has already established 400 clinics, 64 outpatient healthcare centers, 48 pharmacies, and 20 thrift stores across 17 states in the US and 45 other countries. The organization has a thriving community of humanitarians with more than 7,000 employees, which makes AHF the largest provider of HIV/AIDS medical care in the United States.


AHF’s mission is to free the world from AIDS by connecting to a vast network of pharmacies, healthcare contracts, and other innovative partnerships. Under the leadership of President and founder Michael Weinstein, the organization has been very successful in administering the proper medical care to people affected by the infection. Alongside other champions of the HIV/AIDS movement, Weinstein has done wonders in creating cutting-edge healthcare and awareness to propel the organization forward and save more lives across the globe. Today, AHF is leading the so-called mass testing to identify those who need immediate medical attention in terms of medication and proper treatment.


Early years of AHF

AHF (AIDS Healthcare Foundation) was established in 1987. Other than Michael Weinstein, the organization was co-founded by activists Sharon Raphael, Ph.D., Chris Brownlie, and Mina Meyer, MA. Before it was called AHF, the organization was formerly known as AIDS Hospice Foundation.


In 1988, the organization opened its first full service to HIV patients in Los Angeles. Two years after, AHF introduced the “Out of the Closet,” a chain of thrift stores that aimed to generate revenue for the organization’s use. A decade later, an international initiative was created to help and reach people with HIV/AIDS in developing countries. This was called AHF Global.


Today, AHF has recorded 1,676,513 patients in care in 45 countries served. The organization continues to expand its services and save more lives through its philanthropic efforts.


AHF Services

The organization includes a wide array of services reflecting their business line, “AHF Circle of Care.” Consider the following services that you can take advantage of:


  • AHF Healthcare & Wellness Centers – Wellness centers are available for same-day HIV/STD testing and treatment
  • AHF Pharmacy – Cost-effective HIV/AIDS medications for you
  • Food for Health – Healthy and nutritious groceries in Los Angeles County
  • Out of the Closet Thrift Stores – Ninety-six percent of every dollar your purchase goes into HIV care and services
  • Healthy Housing Foundation – Affordable housing units for those in need
  • AHF Global Advocacy – Helping low-income countries have access to HIV care
  • Positive Healthcare – Healthcare plans designed for people living with HIV and AIDS



If you are positive for HIV, you can take advantage of the services offered by AHF. You only need to find coverage near you and check with your state to ensure you get immediate care for your condition. AHF aims to help more people and save more lives to free the world from this life-threatening disease.

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