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Alcohol and Harvoni

alcohol and harvoni

What is Harvoni?

Alcohol and Harvoni. Essentially recognized as a combination drug, Harvoni is a type of medication given to people with hepatitis C. This medicine is a mixture of ledipasvir and sofosbuvir, which are also administered to individuals who have been diagnosed with the said condition. Harvoni works by inhibiting the viruses’ capacity to multiply and cause more health complications.

Since hepatitis C is somewhat associated to liver infection, some lifestyle activities, such as drinking alcohol, can affect how the liver functions and may complicate the underlying infection. How is this possible? Read on to know more.

Is it possible to continue my habit of drinking alcohol even if I’m already taking my Harvoni medication?

This is just one of the many questions that people ask amidst their hepatitis C diagnoses. Generally, the answer to this query is NO. Drinking any brand of alcohol or beverage is not allowed when you are observing a certain medical therapy, especially the ones involved with the liver. It is noted that drinking alcohol can worsen the condition and may inhibit the functions of the medication, specifically Harvoni.

How does this happen?

We all know that our liver processes and filters our alcohol intake. If you have hepatitis C, it is your liver that will be affected. During this duration, if there is enough stress impacting the liver, it will fail to do its operations. That is why drinking is not allowed, as it can only deteriorate the liver’s normal functions. It also means a rise in the difficulty of treating hepatitis C.

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Don’t wait until you get liver damage. Aside from that, you’ll also likely get cirrhosis or scarring of the liver if you do not stop alcohol abuse amidst hepatitis C. Secure your health and fight against hepatitis C by taking your Harvoni medication properly and living healthily. Avoid the risk of having more liver complications by stopping your alcohol habit.

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