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Anal Herpes

anal herpes

What is Anal Herpes?

Generally caused by the second type of the herpes simplex virus, anal herpes refers to a kind of infection affecting mostly the genital region, especially the anus, of both males and females. Compared to the first type of HSV, this form of infection is seriously contagious. Not being able to use protective barriers or devices during sexual activity will give the virus enough access to transmit and infect other individuals.

Also identified as a sexually transmitted infection (STI), anal herpes has already recorded, if not thousands, but millions of cases worldwide. While herpes mostly occurs in the genital area of an individual, if it has affected the anus, thus, the term anal herpes.  There are several warnings if someone has already been infected. Most of these symptoms can be painful and itchy, based on the severity of the infection and the intensity of the illness corresponding it.

Symptoms of the Infections/Disease

Some major infections involving herpes do not show any warning, sign, or symptom. However, if a person shows these reactions, it could vary. To know more about the effects of this infection, consider the list of warnings and signs regarding anal herpes.

  • Pain in the anal area
  • Itchiness in the anal region
  • Annoying blisters
  • Painful sores
  • Ulcers surrounding the anus
  • Bumps that appear red
  • Change in the bowel movement
  • Blisters that don’t vanish
  • Recurrent itchiness
  • Pain during bowel movement

Should you be experiencing such reactions, make sure that you are able to contact your physician at once. Note that anal herpes requires urgent medical aid. If you are truly pronounced with the disease or infection, you will be prescribed the right medication or even creams to apply and alleviate the symptoms corresponding anal herpes. Moreover, other doctors will also recommend you to consume different types of antiviral drugs that fit your health and body.

Risk Factors and Complications

If only individuals practice safe sex, anal herpes can never be acquired or transmitted. However, due to irresponsible sexual activities, it becomes easier for the virus to enter the body, infect the skin, and cause sudden health complications. To know the risk factors of anal herpes, read on for your convenience.

  • The first type of HSV (HSV-1) can also trigger anal herpes. Once an individual has an active sore on their mouth, the chances of transmitting it to one’s genital organ are likely possible.
  • The saliva is also an agent for the virus to spread and transmit to a person’s genital organ, especially the anus.
  • Other than these factors, the genital secretions are highly capable of infecting other hosts. Once an infected individual has close or direct contact with someone’s genitals or anus, the virus infects easily and quickly.

Other than anal herpes, genital herpes is also highly capable of triggering other diseases or infections, mostly including HIV and AIDS. Furthermore, if a person who happens to have the infection is a pregnant woman, the disease can be transferred to her infant or baby. This is why certain precautionary methods are to be observed to inhibit more and severe health concerns.

Anal Herpes Diagnosis

There are three ways to diagnose someone with anal herpes. Just like other diseases, certain approaches or medical methods are to be followed to arrive at a specific diagnosis and to provide a patient with the right medicines and dosage to consume. The following methods might be followed by your healthcare specialist.

  • A physical examination can provide doctors what an individual might be having, which is the same thing with anal herpes. Your healthcare professional will look closely at the affected area and observe the blisters or sores surrounding your anus.
  • Another form may include taking or extracting a blood sample from a patients’ vein and test it for better diagnosis. There are machines available already that can provide what an individual may be experiencing.
  • Finally, a faster test can also be performed involving nucleic acid amplification testing or NAAT. This way, the patient will know his/her condition in a quicker way.

Treatment and Prevention

Similar to different infections, the usage of antiviral drugs is necessary for the treatment process. By utilizing the benefits of these drugs, it will be easier to provide medical aid to people who have been suffering the infective effects of anal herpes. This is also a great way to combat the virus and improve the body’s immune system.

In preventing the same infection, an individual must also adhere to the precautionary measure in avoiding possible anal herpes transmission. These measures include wearing condoms or other protective devices that will block virus activity, having yourselves checked regularly, and being screened for any sexually transmitted infection. By doing these things, you will be able to protect yourself and get your health as great and bountiful.

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