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Asymptomatic herpes shedding

Asymptomatic herpes shedding

Asymptomatic herpes shedding signs

Many people ask if they can still catch herpes from their partner despite the absence of symptoms. The answer is YES. Regardless of the lack of symptoms, herpes acquisition is still possible. Asymptomatic shedding signs of herpes will still require the necessary treatment to halt the virus and lessen its unpleasant effects on the body.


What is herpes shedding? It is a condition that happens when an infected individual experiences a tiny opening in their skin through which the herpes simplex virus transmits or spreads. It’s already been noted that the virus infects the body through sexual contact. A broken skin exposes itself to the virus, allowing infection to happen. The most common types of herpes acquisition via herpes shedding are genital herpes and oral herpes.


Viral shedding herpes

Does herpes spread without an outbreak? Infected individuals periodically go through stages from which they experience viral shedding herpes. It means that their bodies produce virus particles, which are potent enough to infect others.


After the primary infection, people experience having sores or blisters on their genitals. This phenomenon also involves viral shedding. But you must also know that the virus can function by multiplying silently. Even if symptoms do not appear, viral shedding still occurs by replicating. The absence of symptoms when the population of the virus in the body continues to grow is called asymptomatic herpes shedding.


Is herpes less contagious over time? You are technically safe if your skin has healed after the disappearance of blisters or sores. The risk of infecting others is low; however, you can still be contagious because of asymptomatic viral shedding.


The question as to when herpes can be no longer contagious can be difficult. The infection rate is high before, during, and after having sores or blisters. Remember that outbreaks can happen since the virus remains dormant in your body.


It also explains the importance of using condoms or other protective barriers during sexual intercourse. Doing so will prevent possible viral transmission, although the condom covers not all infected skin.


List of herpes drugs

The primary form of treatment for herpes involves the usage of antiviral drugs. The following is the list of herpes drugs you can use:


Acyclovir – Available under the brand name Zovirax, this antiviral drug helps the body prevent a recurrent herpes outbreak. It treats both oral herpes and genital herpes. It also functions by providing immediate medical care to individuals with shingles.


Valacyclovir – One of the significant functions of Valacyclovir is slowing the spread of the virus in the entire body. It also boosts the immune system enough to fight the infection. It is available under the brand name Valtrex.


Famciclovir – Like other antiviral drugs, Famciclovir works by preventing the replication process of the herpes simplex virus. It treats genital herpes, shingles, and cold sores. You can buy this medicine under the brand name Famvir.




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