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Atripla Uses and Dosage


What is Atripla (Efavirenz/Emtricitabine/Tenofovir)?

Made up of different forms of antiretroviral medications, Atripla has been regarded as part of the antiretroviral therapy in HIV treatment. It is a mixture of three primary types of drugs with the objective of offering medical relief to individuals combating the intensive effects of the human immunodeficiency virus. The medicine comes as an oral pill which can be easily consumed for daily dosage requirement.

What is it used for?

Because of the introduction of antiretroviral therapy, it becomes handy to treat different viral infections, including HIV. This development opened doors for recovery, as it contributed a lot to the rate of recuperated individuals coming from the malicious disease. One of those drugs involved is Atripla. It is an efficient medicine that obstructs further progression of the virus, even impeding the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome from emerging.

How does it work?

As indicated, this medicine consists of three main drug types.

Efavirenz – a type of non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI)

Emtricitabine & Tenofovir – types of nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI)

These drug classes work together in preventing further growth of the virus. Their main goal is to avoid the infection from making more copies of its infectious properties. Other than that, they combine to give the immune system the assistance it needs for better functionality.

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Atripla dosage

Antecedent to acquiring the prescription, the medical professional will look into a few health factors to ensure accurate dosage.

  • A patients’ current age
  • A patients’ current bodyweight
  • A patients’ medical history
  • Lastly, pre-existing medical concerns that a patient has (may include kidney disease, inherited diseases, illness involving mental health, seizures, epilepsy, and even hepatitis B and C)
  • Other kinds of drugs he/she is taking at the current period
  • Susceptibility to Atripla and the rest of its components

The following accounts for the possible dosage you will obtain from your medical specialist. Understand the following very clearly.

HIV Dosage

Infection involving HIV:

Consume one pill orally for adults (1 per day)

Consumption depends on the stage of infection

Involving Nonoccupational Exposure:

Consume one pill orally for adults (1 per day)

Consumption depends on the stage of infection

Therapy period – 28 days

Involving Occupational Exposure:

Consume one pill orally for adults (1 per day)

Consumption depends on the stage of infection

Therapy period – 28 days

Infection involving HIV for Children:

Consume one pill orally for pediatrics (1 per day)

Consumption depends on the stage of infection

Must be 40kgs to get proper treatment involving this drug

Whether it is with a meal or not, the medicine must be consumed orally. For little children, their consumption of the drug must still adhere to the guidelines detailed out by the medical specialist. Their guardians or parents should be able to direct them to the proper way of consuming to avoid mistaken application. It is also significant that you, as a patient, do not miss a single dose. Should you fail to follow a dose, expect to experience difficulty in your treatment procedure. Moreover, set a schedule where you can visit your medical specialist to get a good grasp of how you are doing in the process.

Besides this medicine consumption, some other ways must be observed to diminish your chances of having the malignant infection.

  • In any form of sexual intercourse, utilize the advantage of using condoms and other methods to prevent a probable transmission.
  • On any occasion, such as making use of common and contaminated syringes, prevent such activities as much as possible. You don’t know if that certain equipment has been stained with the blood of the infection.
  • To the greatest degree possible, avoid undertaking yourself in any intensive alcohol activity. Failure to evade such can direct you to unsafe sexual intercourse and careless involvement in sharing needles. If at any moment you have been engaged in such activities, learn of your status urgently and obtain treatment if you are truly pronounced of the illness.

Note: One warning involving Atripla usage is that its components can bring about hostile birth deficiency. This explains the reason why pregnant women have been advised not to consume this medicine. There are other ways for them to be treated. However, it would also mean another list of dosage and prescription.

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