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Author: Ilia

biktarvy vs atripla

Biktarvy Vs. Atripla

Recognized as one of the most life-threatening infections known today, HIV or the human immunodeficiency virus can progress to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) if the right medical therapy is not administered. Thankfully, there is a way to inhibit the viruses’ objectives, and this way refers to the significant antiretroviral therapy. The said therapy involves …

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truvada and isentress pep

Truvada and Isentress: Effectiveness as HIV PEP Treatment

One of the standard regimens for treatment-naïve patients, based on the recommendations of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHSS), is a combination of Truvada + INSTI (integrase strand transfer inhibitor). Official HIV treatment guidelines are usually updated from year to year to reflect new findings from research trials and real-world effectiveness. PEP recommendations …

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genvoya and alcohol

Genvoya and Alcohol Consumption

Treatment for HIV-infected patients has improved dramatically over the last several years. Almost all patients taking any form of antiretroviral treatment (ART) can achieve reduction in viral load and longer life expectancy. However, the success of ART relies heavily on patient adherence. Substance abuse, including alcohol consumption, remains an important factor that influences a patient’s …

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Stribild vs Genvoya – Costs, Side Effects & Why Switching To Genvoya

Genvoya and Stribild are both manufactured by Gilead Sciences for treating HIV-1 in adults and children 12 years and older. These 2 antiretroviral pills are taken once a day and are composed of four HIV meds that work synergistically to reduce the amount of virus in the body. Both products are very similar in composition …

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does hand sanitizer kill herpes

Does Hand Sanitizer Kill Herpes?

Herpes is spread through direct skin-to-skin contact. The most common type of herpes that individuals acquire is HSV-1. It is typically recognized by symptoms, such as skin lesions, sores, blisters, and skin inflammation. Amidst the infection, antiviral drugs are available to treat the mentioned symptoms. Several medical studies have been conducted in line with the …

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Genvoya vs Complera

The history of single-tablet regimens (STR) started with Atripla—the first and only approved STR for HIV-1 infection—until the introduction of Complera in 2011. Stribild was then released the following year. The makers of Atripla, Gilead Sciences, just recently gained approval to market Genvoya and mark another milestone in HIV treatment and prevention. Genvoya is included in the …

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