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sovaldi side effect

Sovaldi Side Effect. Sofosbuvir (Sovaldi) Uses, Dosage

What is Sofosbuvir (Sovaldi)? Sofosbuvir is an antiviral drug used for treating the hepatitis C virus (HCV). It is available under the brand name Sovaldi. This prescription medicine is suitable for adults and children at least three years old. Sofosbuvir comes in edible pellet and tablet form. What is it used for? Sofosbuvir does not …

Sovaldi Side Effect. Sofosbuvir (Sovaldi) Uses, DosageRead More

famciclovir side effects

Famciclovir (Famvir) Side Effects

Like other antiviral drugs for herpes treatment, Famciclovir can also lead to several side effects. We have listed the commonly reported adverse reactions that people might experience once they start taking Famciclovir. Side Effects of Famciclovir (Famvir) List of adverse reactions demanding immediate medical aid: These are side effects where urgent medical help is necessary. Consult …

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famciclovir famvir

Famciclovir Dosage. What is Famciclovir (Famvir) Used For

What is Famciclovir (Famvir)? Famciclovir is an oral tablet used for treating herpes infection. This prescription medicine serves as the first form of treatment for individuals showing symptoms of herpes. It is available under the brand name Famvir. Famciclovir belongs to a group of medicine called Antivirals. Its safety towards children and youth below 18 …

Famciclovir Dosage. What is Famciclovir (Famvir) Used ForRead More

acyclovir dosage zovirax dosage

Zovirax (Acyclovir) Uses and Dosage

What is Zovirax (Acyclovir)? Zovirax is one of the widely-used antiviral drugs for herpes treatment. Although it does not cure the infection, it helps lessen the effects of herpes symptoms on the body. This drug comes in capsules, tablets, and topical cream or ointment. Zovirax is available under the generic name Acyclovir. Very important to …

Zovirax (Acyclovir) Uses and DosageRead More

virulent variant

A New Highly virulent variant was discovered in the Netherlands.

Now we know what you’re thinking.. ‘oh great, yet another HIV variant’.  Just hearing the term ‘variant’ nowadays makes just about everyone cringe with frustration and a certain level of panic, regardless of what disease or virus it’s affiliated with. That being said, don’t fret, this variant of HIV has been around for quite some …

A New Highly virulent variant was discovered in the Netherlands.Read More

biktarvy vs truvada

Difference Between Biktarvy Vs. Truvada

Biktarvy vs Truvada. Two of the most widely-used antiviral drugs for HIV treatment are Biktarvy and Truvada. Although these drugs have similar functions, they still have significant differences in terms of dosage, cost, ingredients, and side effects. Uses and Ingredients Biktarvy is a combination drug that contains three antiviral agents – bictegravir, emtricitabine, and tenofovir …

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tivicay and descovy

Tivicay and Descovy Interaction

HIV treatment became smoother and steady after the introduction of antiretroviral therapy. It involves the usage of antiviral drugs to treat the infection. These drugs prevent the further spread of the virus and inhibit its replication process. Two of the most-used antiviral drugs are Tivicay and Descovy. The generic name of Tivicay is Dolutegravir, while …

Tivicay and Descovy InteractionRead More

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