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Can you get herpes from sharing a drink

Can you get herpes from sharing a drink

Can you get herpes from sharing drinks

Sharing drinks with someone you know may be an everyday thing you’ve been doing before knowing about herpes. The confidence you have in using the same glass with a friend or partner is paramount that after learning about transmittable viruses, you are left with a particular question: Can you get herpes from sharing a drink?


Like most myths involving different infections, acquiring the herpes virus through shared drinks is part true and part false. Theoretically speaking, it is possible to get herpes if you share drinks with someone who has the virus. However, medical experts believe that it’s highly unlikely.


Although herpes can be highly contagious, it is mainly transmitted by touching, kissing, and sexual contact. Direct contact is the most common way someone can be infected. Its diagnosis can also be difficult, as some people do not experience any symptoms.


 How long does HSV1 live on a cup

One of the main reasons it is implausible to get herpes from sharing drinks is that the virus has a small probability of life when exposed to a foreign environment. So, how long does HSV1 live on a cup?

When the herpes simplex virus gets exposed to air, it dies quickly. This explains the low probability of viral spread from one person to another. The viruses’ exposure to air weakens their life expectancy and becomes uncommunicable after a few minutes or hours.



You can follow preventive ways to avoid getting an infection, especially herpes. These are as follows:

  • Always use clean glass. Do this when eating in restaurants or public food stalls.
  • Always wash your hands after using the public toilet.
  • Clean any surface that you are planning to use. It will eliminate the chances of acquiring bacterial or viral infections.


These measures may be small in some ways; however, they effectively prevent any form of infection. Lastly, since sharing glasses mostly tackles oral herpes, you should also learn to use barrier methods like condoms to prevent genital herpes.




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