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Category: Herpes

atripla side effects

Atripla generic and side effects

What is Atripla? What is Atripla? Atripla is a combination medicine used for treating HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). It is part of the so-called antiretroviral therapy, which involves the usage of combination drugs to efficiently prevent the advancement of HIV to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Like other medicines, Atripla inhibits the virus’ ability to replicate …

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Can you get herpes from sharing a drink

Can you get herpes from sharing a drink

Can you get herpes from sharing drinks Sharing drinks with someone you know may be an everyday thing you’ve been doing before knowing about herpes. The confidence you have in using the same glass with a friend or partner is paramount that after learning about transmittable viruses, you are left with a particular question: Can …

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