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Category: HIV/AIDS

can dogs get aids

Can Dogs Get HIV/AIDS?

Individuals who have been diagnosed with HIV require immediate medical therapy. The availability of antiretroviral drugs paved the way for better treatment and allowed infected individuals to live longer and enjoy a quality life. However, besides having this form of treatment, it is still a responsibility for an HIV-positive person to prevent the infection from spreading and …

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hiv genome and structure

HIV Genome and Structure

Medically known as a life-threatening infection, HIV or the human immunodeficiency virus refers to a type of illness that can exceedingly impact someone’s life. Fortunately, the production of ART or antiretroviral therapy paved the way for proper medical care for individuals who have been diagnosed with the infection. Here you will know the infection’s genome …

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hiv vaccine trials

HIV Vaccine Trials: Moderna’s mRNA Breakthrough

For decades, research involving HIV vaccine trials may seem to have no favorable outcome. Many clinical trials have been conducted, but there seems to be no success with producing an effective vaccine that millions of individuals can use, whether they be infected or uninfected with HIV. Recently, an important stage of vaccine production involving human …

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antiviral medications

Different Types of Antiviral Medications

What are antiviral medications? Antiviral medications are types of drugs or supplements used in fighting off hostile and life-threatening viruses. These viruses are one of the major factors why diseases occur and threaten the body’s normal condition. With the application of different antiviral drugs, the viruses’ functions in the body are being lessened, even preventing …

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ritonavir side effects

Ritonavir (Norvir) Side Effects

Ritonavir side effects Similar to other varieties of antiretroviral drugs available in the market today, Ritonavir has also a number of different adverse reactions that individuals will likely experience during the treatment. These adverse reactions are classified according to the intensity and effects of the medicine on the body. Consider the following side effects and …

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hiv mouth sores

HIV Mouth Sores

Popularly known by many as ulcers, mouth sores are recognized as one of the prevailing signs of HIV infection. If the illness is left untreated, mouth sores can severely affect how an HIV-positive person deals with his/her daily life activities. While it is known that HIV impairs the body’s immune system, it opens doors for …

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hiv test results

HIV Test Results

When left untreated, HIV is highly capable of countering the immune system’s function. This illness naturally impairs the system and lessens its capacity to protect the body amidst viral colonization, which also invites different health complications. With this in mind, how does someone know the risk of HIV infection? How does someone prevent this life-threatening …

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