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Category: HIV/AIDS

hiv testing

HIV/AIDS Screening Test, Diagnosis and Types

What is HIV/AIDS Screening Test? A certain procedure where a sample of blood is extracted from an individuals’ vein and checked for a possible infection is what generally called an “HIV Screening”. This medical procedure has been acknowledged fully as the prevailing method to know an individuals’ condition and status. In the process, the test …

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hiv vaccine

Is There a Vaccine for HIV?

What are Vaccines? Vaccines are forms of biological preparations made to prevent infectious diseases. It provides immunity to everyone and stimulates the body’s immune system in fighting infectious threats and harmful microorganisms (bacteria, virus, and toxins). There are two types of vaccines, which are prophylactic and therapeutic. Prophylactic vaccines are used to prevent future infections …

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hiv and coronavirus 1

HIV and Coronavirus (Covid-19)

What is HIV and COVID-19 (Coronavirus)? HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. It is a kind of virus that attacks the immune system, causing it to weaken and trigger a life-threatening medical condition known as AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). If not treated, the virus could be responsible for the appearance of several opportunistic infections that …

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Early Signs and Symptoms of HIV 1

Early Signs and Symptoms of HIV

HIV or better acknowledged as the human immunodeficiency virus recognizes itself as a form of virus, which infiltrates the body and bring about its infectious properties. It triggers and begets what is known as AIDS or the malignant “acquired immunodeficiency syndrome”. Its transmissions are done in different approaches. Whether it be sex or usage of …

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hiv symptoms in women 1

HIV/AIDS Symptoms in Women: Early and Later-Stage Signs

Commonly, the signs and symptoms of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) are the same for both men and women, but not all since there are symptoms that are unique to women. The infection or disease may be similar, but the set of detectable signs can be different for two genders. Learn more about the signs and …

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Oral Sex and HIV 1

Oral Sex and HIV

With vaginal and anal sex as the primary mediums for someone to fall victim for the infection HIV and eventually AIDS, oral sex has lesser evidence to succumb in the same infection. It has been already indicated that the infectious human immunodeficiency virus travels and transmits by means of fluids that the body possesses. By …

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