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Category: HIV/AIDS

hiv and alcohol

HIV and Alcohol

Alcohol and HIV. Once an individual is diagnosed with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), they become at risk of developing different health complications. If the infection is not administered with the appropriate medication, add to that the abuse of alcohol, HIV treatment becomes a difficult undertaking. Drinking alcohol occasionally is definitely acceptable. However, abusing the said …

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pre cum and hiv

Pre-Cum and HIV

What is Pre-ejaculate (Pre-cum)? Pre-Cum and HIV. Pre-ejaculate is the clear fluid that the man’s penis secretes after arousal before ejaculation. Colloquially termed pre-cum, the said fluid is produced by two pea-sized glands known as Cowper’s glands. These glands are located below the prostate, from which the secretion of pre-cum is carried out by the …

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Evotaz (Atazanavir/Cobicistat) Uses, Side Effects and Dosage

What is Evotaz (Atazanavir/Cobicistat)? Evotaz is a medication used in the treatment of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the virus responsible for the development of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in the human body. Evotaz is a combination medication containing two active ingredients, atazanavir (trade named Reyataz) and cobicistat (trade named Tybost). Atazanavir is a protease inhibitor (PI) antiretroviral …

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hiv and dyslipidemia

HIV and Dyslipidemia

What is Dyslipidemia? Dyslipidemia is defined as an abnormal concentration of lipids, such as cholesterol and triglycerides, in the blood. Dyslipidemia disproportionately affects people living with HIV, and it is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Fortunately, dyslipidemia can be reversed through lifestyle modifications and medication adjustments.   Causes of Dyslipidemia in Patients Living …

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can dogs get aids

Can Dogs Get HIV/AIDS?

Individuals who have been diagnosed with HIV require immediate medical therapy. The availability of antiretroviral drugs paved the way for better treatment and allowed infected individuals to live longer and enjoy a quality life. However, besides having this form of treatment, it is still a responsibility for an HIV-positive person to prevent the infection from spreading and …

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