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Chances of Getting Hepatitis C From Tattoo

hepatitis c tattoo

Hepatitis C refers to a type of infection that causes inflammation and complication to the liver. Once treatment is not given immediately, the condition can cause liver cancer, liver failure, and liver damage. The said infection is spread and transmitted through blood-to-blood contact.

The most prevailing approach for someone to get infected with hepatitis C is using shared needles or syringes, most especially if the needle is contaminated with hepatitis blood or virus. Those who often associate themselves with irresponsible use of drugs are those people who are at high risk of acquiring the infection and its corresponding complications.

Since we’ve talked about sharing needles or punctures, one of the most common issues about hepatitis C acquisition is tattooing. Obviously, getting a tattoo increases your chances of getting the infection due to the usage of needles during tattoo sessions. As what is known already, a tattoo is a form of body art that involves the insertion of ink or pigment into the skin or dermis layer in order to form art or design.

Because it uses materials that can be directly contaminated with a virus or infection, the issue of its safeness is quite popular. However, there are ways to prevent yourself from acquiring such infections, which include the prevention of hepatitis C.

1. Seek a reputable tattoo parlor and artist

Backyard tattoo artists are usually frowned upon because of their downside reputation. They are believed to not use sterile and clean materials during tattoo sessions. To prevent this, look for reputable salons that use sterile and hygienic materials, from which you are confident enough to trust their service.

2. Usage of clean and protective gears

Do not allow your artist to start the tattooing session without them using gloves and other protective gear. Aside from the fear of having hepatitis C, you might also get other illnesses caused by unhygienic body modification.

3. Do not be afraid to ask your artist

As a customer, it is your right to ask questions. Do not be afraid to raise your concerns to the parlor and the artist. You cannot blame yourself to ask questions about things involved with any type of infection, as safety is your priority.

In getting a tattoo, make sure that everything is done safely and properly. However, after the session, if you experience some of the symptoms of hepatitis C, it is better to contact your healthcare professional and get tested immediately.

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