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Complera (Emtricitabine/Rilpivirine/Tenofovir) Uses and Dosage


What is Complera (Emtricitabine/Rilpivirine/Tenofovir)?

Identified as a mixture of antiretroviral drugs, Complera refers to a medication that essentially treats and administers to individuals going through an infection called HIV. Its main objectives involve impeding HIV prior to expanding, hinder its negative functions on the body, and most importantly, obstruct the disease from advancing to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. As this medicine is consumed alone, it explains its mixed properties to its major HIV components.

This medicine is purposely produced for individuals having disease, notwithstanding the intensity of the illness and age of an individual. The drug is specifically created for adolescents, children, elderly, and adults. Note that Complera received approval through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 2011, which has proven efficacy to people or individuals who didn’t receive HIV medications before having diagnosed by the disease or infection.

The main components of Complera include:

  • Emtricitabine
  • Rilpivirine
  • Tenofovir

These major components are both parts of two drug classifications – NRTI and NNRTI.

Once mixed and functions together, it becomes as effective just like other ART medications in providing medical relief to those who experience the negative outcomes of the human immunodeficiency virus. Complera has been proven a potent suppressant that follows only one ingest of the tablet. Its medication regimen observes one tablet for daily intake, making the therapy very easy and handy for first-timers.

Note that Complera only performs well depending on the volume of virus inside the body. This explains the availability and accessibility of alternative ART drugs if this medicine does not fit a certain patient. But, need not to worry if this occurs to you. As there are several ARV drugs to choose, the medical professional will make sure that there is one medicine that suits you and treats you.

How does it work?

The ART rule makes sure that a mixed ARV functions well in its purpose. Apart from this, ART ensures that an individual won’t be experiencing a difficult time in consuming this medicine. Since the aforementioned drug is already a combination medicine, it becomes easier and simpler to consume it. Add to that that the medicine can be consumed solely. Unlike alternative ARVs or medications available today in the global market, Complera doesn’t need to partner alongside different ARTs to become efficient. Its abundance with the three main ARV components makes it sufficient already. A single tablet is enough to provide medical relief to individuals and patients alike.

As mentioned here, the three effective and primary components of Complera are classified into two main drug groups – NNRTI and NRTI. Its main functions include:

NRTIs – Termed as Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, these medicines are very much able to hinder the workings of HIV. It avoids its reproduction process, thus, minimizing its infective impact throughout the body. Additionally, NRTIs, involving Emtricitabine and Tenofovir, hinder the two main processes that the virus goes through to reproduce – translation and transcription. NNRTIs have been classified being the first class of medications relating to HIV to be developed.

NNRTIs – Termed as Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, these medicines are very much efficient in interfering with HIV’s reproduction process. Its main operation is to impede a certain enzyme (classified by the name reverse transcriptase) from continuing HIV replication. When an NNRTI, involving Rilpivirine, successfully stops this enzyme, HIV is now unable to reproduce.


Like different HIV medicines available today, the prescription isn’t provided easily just because someone is diagnosed with the said disease. A doctor follows different guidelines and factors that he/she notes and examines to ensure someone is prescribed with an accurate prescription.

These guidelines include the patient’s present age, weight, medical history, other forms of drugs taken prior to HIV diagnosis, and pre-existing medical conditions that an individual is experiencing. These are noted seriously to guarantee a precise and a more detailed treatment. It also plays a vital role in the procedure as it measures how well an individual reacts to the treatment.

While the prescription may involve the proper directives of consuming this medicine, it also covers the suitable dosage for individuals taking it. Consider the following:

Adult Dosage:

  • 1 tablet (comprising Emtricitabine 200 mg, Rilpivirine 25 mg, and Tenofovir 300 mg).
  • Its suggested dose is good for only 1 tablet per day.

Pediatric Dosage:

  • 1 tablet (comprising Emtricitabine 200 mg, Rilpivirine 25 mg, and Tenofovir 300 mg).
  • Its suggested dose is good for only 1 tablet per day.
  • Always remember that only those who are 12 years and above are allowed to consume this dosage requirement.

In consuming this drug, best to ingest it with meal. Make sure to follow directives given by your healthcare professional to ensure protection and efficiency. In cases where overdose happens, call your physician immediately and receive urgent medical care.

Drug Interactions

As stated here, Complera has been produced as a combination of major HIV drugs. This makes this medicine a complete medical therapy and aid. This also explains why it is never suggested to consume this medicine alongside different ARVs. Note that ingesting different forms of suppressants can affect the treatment procedure. A possible expand and addition alongside the present unwanted reactions of consuming this drug is likely to occur.

While a probability of drug interaction is likely to happen, listing different forms of medicines you are presently consuming and reporting this to the medical professional prior to receiving treatment is a must. After doing so, your doctor will find a way to ensure that you won’t experience unnecessary health complications while the medication is underway.

Contraindications and Warnings

Before receiving a concrete treatment involving this medicine, you will be asked about a probable hypersensitivity related to this drug or to its components. Once proven of zero hypersensitivity, you will be given this drug. However, once confirmed vulnerability to this suppressant, you will be receiving another form of ART.

Aside from hypersensitivity, overdose can also likely happen. It explains why consuming this kind of ART at the same time each day assists an individual to avoid dual doses in one day. If an overdose occurs, contact a healthcare professional to get treated at once.

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