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Is There a Cure for HIV and AIDS?

cure for hiv

Living with HIV does not alter how we deal with our lives. However, in some cases, we may need to change our old habits and follow new routines to keep our body vigorous and stay in good condition. This in line with the treatment process that we must observe to eradicate the massive impact of this life-threatening virus. During the process, strict compliance to the daily medicinal consumption must be done, as well as pursuing a new lifestyle, with which the main goal is to stay healthy as much as possible.

But the question that everyone looks for a concrete answer is, “Is there actually a cure for HIV/AIDS?”.

Technically speaking, there is no available cure for the infection. For many years, several studies have been performed. These studies have not concluded any success. However, the emergence of ART or antiretroviral therapy opened doors for HIV treatment and give life and chances for those who have been suffering from the said infection. This therapy involves the creation and application of antiretroviral drugs, which are utilized to control and manage the viral load of an infected individual. This therapy works by limiting the infection, eventually preventing the spread of the virus, not just in a single host but to a person who may be at risk of acquiring the infection.

Today, there are classifications of antiretroviral drugs, which your doctor can choose from and prescribe one that best suits the severity of your condition. The dosage given must be consumed on a daily basis until you achieve an undetectable status. These antiretroviral drugs may not be the cure, but it serves as a great treatment for those who need the right care.

The production of HIV vaccines is also being pushed even today. With the huge development in science and medicine, it is possible that years from now, the vaccine will be available for us to utilize.

With the absence of a vaccine and a cure, there are certain precautionary measures that a person needs to observe in preventing possible HIV acquisition. One of these measures includes using condoms during sex. With this action, you can be protected and remain safe. Furthermore, get tested and know your status.

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