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Descovy and Weight Gain

descovy weight gain

Descovy and Weight Gain. Descovy, an antiretroviral drug, is a prescription medicine that treats HIV. It is part of a group of medications known as the nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI). It is the brand name for emtricitabine and tenofovir alafenamide.

Descovy works by blocking HIV from its replication process. It suppresses the viral load within the body and prevents the spread of the virus.

Besides treating HIV, this medicine acts as PrEP, preventing HIV infection. Only individuals with a negative HIV test result can use this medicine.

Although Descovy has been proven effective in treating HIV infection, its side effects can be problematic. One of these side effects is weight gain. One of the primary reasons for weight gain issues is so prominently associated with Descovy is the presence of TAF or tenofovir alafenamide in its composition, which contributes to a rise in the cholesterol level and weight. Therefore, Compared to Truvada’s TDF (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate), Descovy has more impact on a person’s cholesterol levels and weight.

People who use Descovy for PrEP may experience episodes of cholesterol changes in their bodies due to regular consumption. This condition causes their weight to increase. It also explains why some people resort to Truvada instead of Descovy.

The weight gain issue associated with Descovy has become prominent in the medical field. It is also necessary to note that weight gain is not just an issue concerning physical aesthetics but also general health. It can impact heart health, leading to cardiovascular diseases. That is why you cannot ignore this side effect.


Whether you take Descovy for PrEP or treatment, a regular visit to the healthcare professional is essential. Doing so will help you know your status. Regular visits play a vital role in updating and keeping you on track during your treatment process or prevention scheme. You might also be associated with regular lab checking to ensure your safety with Descovy.

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