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Difference Between Sovaldi and Olysio


Sovaldi and Olysio are two medications used for treating hepatitis C infection. Despite the similarities in their functions, these drugs still have significant differences. These differences include their uses, dosage, cost, and side effects.


So what are it’s uses?

Sovaldi is an oral drug that treats people with hepatitis C infection. It is taken in combination with other antiviral drugs, such as Ribavirin. It prevents scarring in the liver that may lead to liver damage. It is available under the generic name Sofosbuvir.

Like Sovaldi, Olysio is also an oral medicine that prohibits the hepatitis C virus from multiplying in the body. An antiviral drug, Ribavirin, is combined with Olysio to ensure effectiveness in treating hepatitis C infection. Olysio is available under the generic name Simeprevir.


How much Sovaldi should you take?

Before obtaining a prescription for these medicines, your healthcare professional will check on a few vital factors first. These include the patient’s age and weight, medical history, and underlying medical conditions. Consider the following:

The standard dosage for Sovaldi:

  • Take 400 mg once per day. Take this medicine alongside Ribavirin. The dosage for Ribavirin will depend on the patient’s weight.


The standard dosage for Olysio:

  • Take 150 mg of Olysio once per day. This medicine is usually taken with Ribavirin or Sofosbuvir. The healthcare professional will decide depending on the patient’s weight for the dosage.


How much does it cost?

The prices of it are different. The cost of it is around $29,494. This price is equivalent to 28 pellets. Meanwhile, Olysio costs $23,101.34. This price is also equal to 28 oral capsules. Since patients need to combine these medicines with other antiviral drugs, the prices can be higher depending on their weight and dosage.


Sovaldi side effect:

Regardless of their similarities in terms of uses and functions, Sovaldi and Olysio have different side effects. These are as follows:




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