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Does Covid Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Does Covid Cause Erectile Dysfunction 1

Does covid cause erectile dysfunction? Just when we thought that the development of a vaccine for COVID-19 had eradicated the influence of the virus on our bodies, its long-term effect on our health seems to become more apparent and bothersome. One of its effects includes men’s capacity to perform better during sexual activity.

Two years after the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of research is still ongoing with regard to the long-term impact of the virus on our bodies as a whole. During these studies, medical experts and scientists discovered that the virus could cause blood clots, heart problems, lung and kidney diseases, neurological issues, and complications with men’s sexual and reproductive health.

Because of this discovery, researchers point out that the virus has a link with impotence, leading to penile function disorder. But how does COVID cause erectile dysfunction?

Below are three factors that researchers believe in having caused ED in men. Note that these factors only cater to men previously infected by the coronavirus.

Cardiovascular issues – One of the possible early signs of heart disease is erectile dysfunction. Studies suggest that people who have COVID can experience cardiovascular problems. It is mainly because the virus causes inflammation in different body parts, including the heart and its surrounding muscles. This inflammation blocks blood flow throughout the body, including blood supply to the penis that promotes erection. When this disruption in the blood flow occurs, it can be challenging for a man to get a full erection for an anticipated sexual activity.

Psychological effects – There is a significant link between mental health issues and erectile dysfunction. Once you are too stressed or experiencing severe anxiety and depression, your desire for sex begins to diminish or lessen, leading to poor sexual performance. These are psychological disorders that the virus causes and triggers, which can also lead to ED.

Worsening overall healthErectile dysfunction is typically a sign of a pre-existing health condition. It is the same with acquiring COVID-19, which is susceptible to individuals with underlying health problems. If you have poor health, there is a big chance of getting infected with COVID-19 quickly. Note that the virus triggers a wide range of health complications and having deteriorated overall health means being a candidate for ED and other diseases.

Although we have shifted to a way of ‘living with the virus’ in an endemic phase, researchers are still studying the long-term effects and damage the virus can cause. Although some studies have already proved the viruses’ effects on reproductive health, there can be other ways that COVID-19 triggers ED. While a lot of research is ongoing, the general public must follow safety measures and guidelines to avoid COVID-19 acquisition. Getting vaccinated is necessary to protect yourself and the people in your vicinity.

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