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Free HIV Treatment

Free HIV Treatment

Is HIV Treatment Free in USA?

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) refers to a viral infection that attacks and damages the immune system. It is an infection that can advance to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) if not treated properly. It has no cure; however, antiretroviral drugs are accessible to treat the infection.

Treating HIV is made more accessible because of the availability of ART (antiretroviral therapy). It involves the use of antiretroviral drugs that work by suppressing the virus and inhibiting it from replicating. These drugs are highly capable of limiting the growth of HIV throughout the body.

Over the past few years, HIV-positive cases have increased dramatically. However, this was eventually brought under control because of ART. But is free HIV treatment accessible? Is HIV treatment free in USA? Are there financial programs that people with HIV can apply for?

One of the significant concerns of HIV care is its cost. Branded medications are extremely expensive for most, making it difficult for the minority to afford their daily treatment. Although generic versions are available, the cost of an entire treatment can still be overwhelming.

HIV treatment is not entirely free. However, there are resources that people with HIV can take into account. This includes private insurances, such as job-based Insurance and the health insurance marketplace. Consider the essential details below:

Job-Based Insurance – If you are employed, you will likely get private health insurance with the help of your employer. Most of these insurances also cater to family members or even individual insurance purchases. This type of insurance acts under ACA (Affordable Care Act), which requires job-based and personal coverages to offer protections and new benefits to their jurisdiction.

Health Insurance Marketplace – This marketplace offers affordable health coverages to uninsured people. Working under the ACA, it encompasses private plans that cover health benefits. These include HIV testing or screening, sexually transmitted diseases (STD) prevention counselling, and PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis).

Aside from the availability of these private health insurances, you can also access federal resources if your insurance does not include coverage for HIV. These are as follows:

Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program – This program works for people who do not have enough funding for their HIV treatment. It offers services that the above insurances cannot provide to its members. It is available in several states and cities nationwide.

Medicare – This health insurance is available for individuals who are 65 years old and older. It is also accessible for people with specific disabilities aged under 65. Medicare also applies to people with HIV, especially with their prescription drugs and hospital care.

Medicaid – This federal program covers people with lower incomes and salaries, specific disabilities, and older people. Medicaid also applies to people with HIV, which covers funding for their treatment. If you have been diagnosed with HIV and your earnings are insufficient to rescue your treatment, apply to Medicaid immediately. Note that each state in the US has rules and guidelines for their Medicaid programs that you need to adhere to and follow.

The Takeaway

HIV treatment can be expensive. However, you can apply to federal and state-run programs to have access to affordable medicine. After an HIV diagnosis, consider enrolling in the mentioned programs and get admission to immediate and effective HIV treatment.

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