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Can You Get Herpes From Sharing a Drink?

herpes from sharing drink

There has been a misconception luring around with regards to the possibility of acquiring the infectious herpes because of sharing something, like a drink. However, the probability of this impression is low. The case is very unlikely to happen. It means that individuals can never acquire the infection just because of using shared drinks alongside a person who has been infected. While theories are out that this is possible, there is no concrete evidence indicating the probability of this transmission.

The typical signs of illnesses involving this infection are the appearance of blisters and sores in the mouth. With this idea, one would certainly then realize that a drink or glass shared with an individual who has been infected can actually bring you to the danger of this infection’s acquisition.

Since this infection involving HSV-1 links to mouth blisters or sores, transmission can happen. However, the said logic is not true at all. Even if you can acquire other illnesses like flu or cold if you share something with someone orally, this does not apply to herpes.


Transmission Involving Herpes

If you are associated with an individual who has been infected, especially if it is done physically, you will acquire the infection or illness. It is even more severe if an outbreak is currently happening, with blisters or sores actively present.

Note that even if the infected person does not show any symptom, the infection can still be transmitted as long as someone is directly in closeness or contact alongside the infected person. Some asymptomatic individuals do not know their status, so be aware of this instance.

Furthermore, even if treatments are already administered, there is a high chance that the infection can happen again. Outbreaks occur if the virus is reactivated by different factors, most especially if the immune system has weakened or being impaired.


Herpes Prevention

There are different ways to prevent acquiring herpes. First, as mentioned above, a weakened immune system can cause herpes to reoccur. With this idea, it is necessary to stay healthy by taking good care of your immune system. How is this done? By committing to a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, as well as only eating what’s best and safe to consume.

Even if you are diagnosed with the infection, sex is not restricted. However, in this case, use condoms and other protective barriers when doing the act. This way, you will not worry about herpes since the virus cannot enter your body because of using these protective devices.

Lastly, avoid using shared needles or syringes. You might not know, the needles you are using may be contaminated with the virus. In addition to sharing items, avoid using towels or any personal items that are already utilized by other individuals. This can also decrease your chances of getting herpes.

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