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Get reward points every time you refer a friend.

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HELP US GROW! Get rewards when your friends purchase from us. Earn up to $500 in credit points.

You can get rewards for helping us grow.

We are giving up to $500 credit for each of you. Simply forward the emailer to your friends (you can send it to up to 25 friends). Make sure to add  newsletter@kangaroo.co in the CC section, so we can keep a record of who you are sending out the emails to.

When your referral registers and makes a purchase with the same email address,  we will send you an email with the $20 discount code per referral. Once you redeem the code, the discount will be reflected at your next checkout. You can use your credits any time you want.

Things to keep in mind

Make sure you forward the email to both your referral and us at newsletter@kangaroo.co. That will help us keep a record of all your referral.

If you have any issues, you can email us at newsletter@kangaroo.co.

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