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Harvoni (Ledipasvir/Sofosbuvir) Uses and Dosage


What is Harvoni (Ledipasvir/Sofosbuvir)?

One of the many infections known today that involves the liver is hepatitis C. It is a life-threatening medical condition that causes inflammation and serious damage to the liver. The most common way of providing medical care to those individuals who have been diagnosed with the illness is through antiviral consumption, and Harvoni is one of the most effective drugs for this type of treatment.

The said medicine is a mixture of two major antiviral drugs, namely ledipasvir and sofosbuvir. These drugs work together in inhibiting the virus-causing disease, HCV or hepatitis C virus, from replicating and increasing their virulent population within the body. Harvoni is suitable for the different age groups. Whether it be adults or children, the said drug can be consumed safely and effectively.

What is the medicine used for?

As mentioned, Harvoni is referred to as one of the most efficient drugs in treating hepatitis C, most especially if the illness is already characterized as chronic. When administered properly, there is a high chance that the illness is alleviated and other health complications are prevented from emerging.

If, in any case, when another form of an antiviral drug is necessary to boost or make Harvoni more efficient in its objective, Ribavirin is added to the dosage. These medicines function together to stop the virus from multiplying and also assist the body’s immune system to operate better.

How does this drug work?

In ensuring that the infection will not spread to other important organs of the body, Harvoni must be administered immediately. Why is this so? Here are the primary reasons for consuming Harvoni right after an accurate and concrete diagnosis.

  • It blocks HCV’s capacity to replicate.
  • It inhibits HCV’s ability to multiply and increase its population.
  • It halts the viruses’ capability to cause more infection, not just to the liver but also to other bodily organs.

Furthermore, if this medicine is consumed based on the prescription or dosage given by the healthcare professional, treating the said medical condition becomes easier.

Harvoni Dosage

Prior to receiving the prescription containing the right dosage for a patient to follow, there are certain factors that the healthcare professional consider. These factors play a vital role in the treatment process of those who have been diagnosed with the condition. These are as follows:

  • The patient’s present age and body weight
  • The patient’s medical history
  • Other types of medicines that the patient is currently taking

As mentioned, this medicine is suitable for both adults and children. However, the dosage for these age groups differs. Consider the following:

  • The dosage recommended for adults is only one tablet of Harvoni to be consumed once on a daily basis. This dosage contains 90 mg of ledipasvir and 400 mg of sofosbuvir.
  • Meanwhile, for children, their dosage is also one tablet of Harvoni to be consumed once on a daily basis. However, this dosage guideline can still change as the healthcare professional will base their treatment frequency on their weight.

Furthermore, if children are not able to consume a whole tablet of this medicine, oral pellets are available for them to use. That way, it becomes easier for them to follow their daily dose.

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How to take this medicine?

Taking this medicine is just like consuming a regular tablet for treating cough or colds. You can choose whether to consume Harvoni with or without food, as long as you also drink water with it. However, to ensure that you do not experience any stomach aches during your treatment, consuming it with food is highly recommended. Avoid chewing or breaking it.

In many instances, some patients tend to forget their daily dose. To avoid this incident involving Harvoni treatment, make sure that you use a helpful tool, like the alarm, to get you notified of your schedule.

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Drug Interactions

Drug interaction is always likely to happen. Why is this so? Because some patients fail to disclose the other forms of medicines they are taking before the hepatitis C diagnosis. That is why during a discussion with the healthcare professional, it is necessary to declare if you are taking other drugs because it can affect your treatment with Harvoni. Being honest with the healthcare professional is an essential part of any form of treatment. Always remember that.

Warnings and Precautions

Prior to consuming Harvoni, there are certain warnings and precautions that you need to observe. It includes safety during your treatment with this medicine. To ensure that this drug is safe for you to use, speak with your healthcare professional if you have a history of the following:

  • Liver disease
  • Kidney problem
  • HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)

Furthermore, if you are allergic to Harvoni or any of its major components, avoid using it. Always keep in mind that hypersensitivity can be very severe to your health and may cost your life.

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