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Herpes Discharge

herpes discharge

Defining Herpes

Herpes Discharge. As already known, herpes refers to a type of infection contracted through sexual contact. The infection has two types, being HSV-1 and HSV-2. They are also known as oral herpes and genital herpes, respectively. Both of these types can be treated through antiviral agents.

Because of the availability of antiviral medications, it becomes easier for infected individuals to recover amidst the hostile effects of the illness. These medications are only provided right after a concrete diagnosis, plus the construction of a detailed prescription that patients must always follow. With easy access to the most effective antiviral agents, the cases involving herpes every year are being lessened.

What are the symptoms of herpes?

Regardless of gender, both males and females share most of the same symptoms. They only differ on the location where these symptoms emerge. Consider the following:

  • Prior to the development of blisters on the skin, patients feel tingling and itching sensations on some parts of their bodies. These sensations usually last for two days.
  • After the occurrence of itchiness, small yet painful sores start to emerge. They usually appear on the face and the genital region of both males and females.
  • These painful sores usually last for 20 days, which is why treatment should be given immediately.
  • Aside from the appearance of blisters and sores, infected individuals often experience flu-like symptoms. These include mild to severe fever, dizziness, drowsiness, and mild to severe muscle pain.
  • For those who are diagnosed with genital herpes, they tend to experience a problem with urinating. They often feel a burning sensation in their genital area.
  • While this isn’t so common, eye infections can also happen. When this occurs, patients will likely experience pain and light sensitivity.

With all the mentioned symptoms above, it is also necessary to know that not all infected individuals show signs and warnings of infection. Some may not experience outbreaks, but the virus is already active and dominant within the body.

Moreover, one of the most common bodily reactions that people with herpes experience discharge. What is this so? It refers to the emission or leaking of fluid from either the organs or a normal wound. However, for herpes, it all tackles vaginal and penile discharge.

Vaginal and Penile Discharge

Two of the major types of discharge involving herpes are vaginal and penile. As the name suggests, it involves the female and male sexual organs. For this part, the type of herpes associated with the condition is what is known as genital herpes

For women, vaginal discharge can happen, most especially during outbreaks. What leaks from their vagina can sometimes be a thick liquid or thin and clear fluid. It has a very strong odor, which people characterize as a foul smell. Aside from the colorless fluid, a tiny amount of blood can also leak from the said sexual organ.

Meanwhile, for men, the same appearance of liquid leaks coming from the head of the penis. People might mistake this discharge for semen or pre-ejaculate. A penile discharge can also be smelly and associated with a bad odor. Compared to discharge in women, the smell in penile discharge is not obviously noticeable. The odor only comes out when men ejaculate.

When to consult your healthcare professional

Some of the symptoms involving this infection are manageable at home. One of the remedies that individuals can do at home is taking a warm bath every day if there is an outbreak. It helps alleviate the discomfort and inflammation caused by the infection.

Aside from that, antiviral agents are available for them to consume on a daily basis. However, consumption of these medications must have a green light from their healthcare professional.

In terms of their sexual activities, individuals must know how to protect their sexual partners if they have been diagnosed. They can use condoms and other protective barriers to prevent the virus from infecting another host.

Furthermore, if things become uncontrollable, consult with the healthcare professional immediately and obtain the necessary medical care. If individuals have already acquired other health complications, it is time to get extensive medical treatment that only healthcare professionals can administer. Get tested today and know your status!

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