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Herpes Esophagitis

herpes esophagitis

What is Herpes Esophagitis?

Herpes esophagitis is a medical condition is likely described as an infection involving the esophagus. It happens when HSV (herpes simplex virus) attacks this specific internal organ and triggers severe inflammation that it cannot function well. One of the most common symptoms associated with this condition is irritation or pain during consuming something orally, either foods or liquids.

Due to the increasing number of individuals acquiring HSV-1, people who experience inflammation in their esophagus may likely be associated with herpes. However, this could also be false as esophagitis can be triggered by acid reflux. The only way to get diagnosed with the infection is when you get tested and checked by your medical professional.

Having a cold sore in either your mouth and lips is one of the signs the infection. Furthermore, it is also necessary that you get aware of the virulence towards the esophagus. This condition makes it hard for someone to swallow hard food or even fluids.

Thankfully, there are treatment options available to provide medical relief to people with the condition. These treatment forms help the body’s immune system to work better. It relieves severe inflammation happening in the throat area. It reduces pain during food ingestion or intake, thus, assisting the system in functioning normally and healthily.

Symptoms Involving Herpes Esophagitis

The signs and warnings correlated to this medical condition are somewhat similar to other illnesses caused by the herpes simplex virus. Some of these signs are easily noticed, and a few are hard to observe, which is why it is a must to get checked at once. The following are the lists of symptoms associated with herpes esophagitis. Note that if you are experiencing all of these or a few of its severe signs, contact your healthcare professional immediately.

  • Pain in swallowing – This is the most common symptom among others. Due to the inflammation occurring inside the esophagus, it is so difficult to swallow or intake foods.
  • Nausea – This symptom is sometimes connected with vomiting. Severe nausea, plus the integration of irritation in the affected area, is a warning of the mentioned infection.
  • Heartburn – Also considered as chest pain, heartburn can be associated with acid reflux (which is common for esophagitis). However, just because it is only heartburn doesn’t mean you are safe from not having the infection. It is a must to get checked and tested.
  • The appearance of sores in the back of the throat – One may consider this episode as only tonsilitis. However, given the other symptoms listed here, as well as the accompaniment of fever, sores emergence in this part of the digestive system is not normal and should be considered.

Stay keen and observant of the possibility of having herpes esophagitis. If you experience the listed symptoms above, get immediate treatment. Some of these symptoms are manageable, but it still important to obtain the right medication and therapy.


You will only receive a concrete herpes esophagitis diagnosis from your healthcare professional. Diagnosis only happens after a doctor’s checkup and the medical tests have been completed. Once you have been proven to have the disease, you will be given immediate medical treatment.

A doctor’s evaluation includes examining your throat. Prior to that, your medical professional will make sure that you are clear from other diseases. These actions are necessary to ensure that the infection you are experiencing at present is not correlated to your past diseases. The medical professional will also consider the state of your immunity, as a weakened one can bring about the said illness.

To assist your medical professional, arrive at an accurate diagnosis, the following must be performed.

  • A blood test may be required to examine the virulence status.
  • One method is endoscopy. The equipment contains a small camera with a light to clearly check the condition of the throat.
  • During the endoscopy, the medical professional will likely get a sample or tissue coming the throat to have it checked.

Once completed, you will get a result. And if the result says you indeed have herpes esophagitis, you will be prescribed with the right medication at once.

Treatment and Prevention

As mentioned above, there are medications available for the infection. One of these is the availability of antiviral medicines. The following list are the medicines you will get after your diagnosis:

Aside from the availability of these medicines, it is also required that you:

  • Minimize or entirely stopping the smoking habit
  • Avoidance of alcohol consumption
  • If you are experiencing an outbreak involving herpes, avoid oral contact with others.

By following your medical professional’s advice, you will have a chance to recover and win over the illness. Make sure that you are complying with your medical professional’s instructions during the treatment process.

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