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Does Herpes Cause Lower Back Pain?

herpes lower back pain

Back pain from herpes. Correlative to other infections known today, herpes also has a fair share of medical complications. These complications appear when the infection is not treated well. Add to that the improper administration of antiviral drugs, whereby the patient or infected individual does not follow the prescription or instructions provided by the healthcare professional.

One of the known complications of herpes is lower back pain. While this is not supported with any medical researches, once the herpes infection is already associated with nerve pain, it can possibly cause lower back pain. Whether it be HSV-1 or HSV-2, lower back pain can happen if there are other symptoms of the infection that causes a flare-up or inflammation in the nerves.

The common causes of back pain are spinal disc disease, spondylosis, osteomyelitis, epidural abscess, and cancer. These illnesses trigger inflammation in the back, which can become chronic should treatment is not administered immediately. Anti-inflammatory supplements are prescribed to alleviate soreness and swelling caused by the mentioned illnesses.


How to alleviate lower back pain?

  • Since lower back pain is associated with swelling, applying a cold compress on your back will help in mitigating the soreness you’re experiencing. Aside from easing the pain, it relaxes the muscles by loosening the skin tissues.
  • Just because you are having lower back pain doesn’t mean that you have to sit or lay all day and do nothing. Keeping yourself moving by doing your regular daily activities will help in mitigating backaches.
  • Do some stretching. Regular exercise can help in extending your legs, which also promotes movement and mitigates back pain.

When you are diagnosed with herpes, ensure that you are doing your best to remain healthy. That way, you can prevent episodes of outbreaks. Preventing outbreaks also prevents you from having to experience the symptoms associated with the infection, which also includes lower back pain.

Only eat nutritious foods and strengthen your immune system by exercising regularly and taking care of your body. These methods do not only bolster your health but also reduces your risk of acquiring other infections or illnesses.

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