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Herpes on Foreskin

herpes on foreskin

What is the foreskin? Where is it located? This specific body fraction is part of the whole frame of a male’s sexual organ, the penis. It is the organ’s double-layered fold, made up of smooth muscle tissue with blood vessels and mucous membrane. Its main function is to protect the glans penis, as well as the urinary meatus. This penis fraction is stretchable, which is highly noticeable when an erection occurs.

If you haven’t known yet, the foreskin can also be infected with herpes. The infection mostly happens when outbreaks happen. This is especially true for individuals who unknowingly reactivated the virus due to stress or weakened immune system.


What are the symptoms of this infection?

The symptoms involving this infection are the same as those mentioned for oral and genital herpes. However, here are the most common for herpes on the foreskin:

  • Inflammation in and outside the foreskin
  • The appearance of small blisters
  • Scarring of the skin
  • The appearance of sores around the inside of the foreskin
  • Small ulcers
  • Pain or itchiness
  • Incapability to erect

Note that some individuals do not show any symptoms; however, there is a large unit of individuals who are symptomatic. When these signs of illnesses occur, it is necessary to administer treatment immediately. However, even if treatment is given, the virus can still reactivate, and outbreaks occur.



The treatment for this type of condition is similar to the medical care provided for other forms of herpes infection. Topical creams are the most common treatment given. Other than that, antiviral drugs can also be used to control and alleviate the painful and inflammatory effects of herpes symptoms.

Some men believe that being circumcised can help in preventing this issue. However, there is no medical evidence yet noting its effectiveness. Since circumcision is noted to reduce someone’s risk of having HIV, the same idea can be given to herpes infection.

Speak with your doctor with regards to the right ways to prevent this condition. Furthermore, living a healthy lifestyle and practicing good hygiene are still the best and recommended tips to follow.

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