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HIV Bumps. HIV bumps on hands and chest

HIV Bumps

What are HIV bumps? Bumps are very common, particularly in allergic reactions. Although they are harmless in most cases, they can be a different condition when it is associated with HIV.

The earliest signs of HIV include the appearance of rashes and bumps on different parts of the body. These skin conditions are characterized by painful lesions and annoying hives that cause discomfort alongside other HIV symptoms. Rashes and bumps appear in the acute stage of HIV, the first signs of infection.

HIV bumps can be itchy, large, or small. They also appear the same color as your skin. Sometimes, they appear purple or red, indicating the inflammation infected individuals experience. HIV drugs are available to help eliminate these bumps or rashes in terms of its treatment.

HIV rash on hands

HIV rashes on your hands emerge as red, slightly raised, and itchy spots on the skin. For people with fair skin, these rashes appear red. Meanwhile, rashes can also look dark and purplish in people with darker skin color. HIV rash can be very severe and covers a large skin area.

It is easy to recognize HIV rash since it usually develops on the shoulders, chest, face, upper body, and hands. However, this only applies to symptomatic individuals. It is essential to understand that some people do not show HIV symptoms. That is where HIV testing is necessary to know your status.

HIV rash on chest

Besides the hands, HIV rashes also occur on the chest. Its main symptom is itchiness, which can damage the skin if the infection is too severe. Other symptoms that develop alongside HIV rash on the chest include fever, chills, and body aches.

How do you determine an HIV rash on chest? If you notice bumps containing pus, the chances are that this skin condition results from HIV infection. Some rashes on the chest can cause redness and stinging sensation, which can be flaky afterwards.

HIV itself causes not all rashes. Some rashes occur as a result of HIV medications. Ask your healthcare professional about the side effects before using any drug for HIV treatment.

HIV drug list

HIV treatment requires the usage of antiretroviral drugs. These medications come in two or more drug combinations, acting in different medicinal groups. Consider the following:

NRTIs (Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors)

NNRTIs (Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors)

Integrase Inhibitors

Protease Inhibitors

Pharmacokinetic Enhancers

Fixed-Dose Combination Drugs



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