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Dating Someone with HIV

hiv dating

It happens a lot that we start liking people without knowing much about them. It has its perks as well as disadvantages. It seems exciting, thrilling, and you feel good about the unknown facts of the opposite person, but it may turn out scary, especially when the person in which you are interested turns out to be HIV positive.

Are you worried that you might get infected if you date someone who is HIV positive? While the stigma is still high, there are certain factors that you need to consider as you acquaint yourself with an infected individual. As long as that infected individual is trying his/her best to recover, you must also support that person by reminding him/her of the medications or other factors to consider during the treatment.

Can we date someone HIV positive?

The simple answer to this very disturbing question is “Yes, but with certain prerequisites.” It’s a common behaviour that an HIV positive person looks like something from out of this world. Something inevitable to be kept away. It’s not true. An HIV positive person has pretty much the same life conditions as other people.

Another question in this context is “Isn’t it dangerous to date some HIV positive person?” Well the answer is, it’s a multifactorial phenomenon and depends on both partners. Let’s discuss a few things about it, but before that, keep in mind that HIV spreads from contact with body fluids of the affected one.

It is necessary that the HIV positive person keeps its viral load (a parameter of quantitative assessment of the disease) at low levels. It is done by making sure of the regular intake of anti-HIV medication (antiretroviral therapy). It is also necessary to stay in touch with someone who manages and provides the treatment, especially your healthcare provider.

If it’s a male, he should utilize the benefits of condoms and other different mechanical contraceptive methods while having sex. This way, it becomes impossible for the virus to enter the body.

Great responsibility lies upon someone who doesn’t have the infection. If the partner is negative, certain preventative measures should be administered for their safety. The following are some of the solutions that can be followed.

Using PrEP or pre-exposure prophylaxis

Medications in this strategy are taken before exposure. This regimen includes:

  • Regular appointments with healthcare provider which includes screening for STDs and monitoring of kidney function
  • Screening for HIV occurs before prescription and every three months afterwards.
  • Taking medication on regular basis

Using PEP or post exposure prophylaxis

This regimen can be performed or utilized when the protective barrier used is broken during the intercourse or no condom is used at all. When someone has fully contracted the viral concentration or with a person whose status is unknown yet, this PEP can be used.

Another huge responsibility of someone who doesn’t have the infection is to make sure the regular take in of medications by the HIV partner. It includes emotional support as well. It’s for the betterment of the individual as well as of society.

Take away message

The bottom line is that responsibility lies with both of the partners. They should have a clear mind of the hazards of the relationship, precautions to be taken and consequences to be faced if things go wrong. Being safe is never a problem. It’s about saving your health and the relationship.

Getting tested is also a necessary action for both the partners. By knowing their status, they can be aware of the health possibilities in advance and know how they can live normally. It also includes living a quality and longer life.

It is understandable that someone may have fear in dating a person who has been diagnosed with the infection. As long as the precautions have been observed, there is no need to fear at all. The stigma is already high, don’t let it surge like a skyrocket. Instead, help those who need help. Note that HIV positive individuals need more care and support during their trying times.

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