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HIV Genome and Structure

hiv genome and structure

Medically known as a life-threatening infection, HIV or the human immunodeficiency virus refers to a type of illness that can exceedingly impact someone’s life. Fortunately, the production of ART or antiretroviral therapy paved the way for proper medical care for individuals who have been diagnosed with the infection.

Here you will know the infection’s genome and structure. Consider the significant information that you need to learn with regards to the viruses’ complex system.


  • In terms of its diameter, the viruses’ measurement is approximately 100 nm.


  • Lipid envelope parallel to what is called the trimeric transmembrane glycoprotein gp41


  • gp41
  • gp120

Note: These proteins share the same objective – securing HIV attachment to human body cells.

Additional Information:

  • The infection is part of a classification called the lentivirus subgroup.
  • Its incubation course is longer than expected.
  • Its genetic instructions comprise the following: (1) type D or cylindrical shape core; (2) glycoprotein – gp41 and gp120; (3) diploid.

List of Genes:

  • Env
  • Pol
  • Gag

Note: The mentioned features are the reason why the infection is categorized as complicated amidst known retroviruses.

HIV Genome or Genetic Instructions

HIV’s significant protein is p24. With the help of gag genes, the virus can be coded. It is this protein that diagnosis can be obtained, which is performed by testing or checking for antibodies.

Aside from the mentioned gene, this infection also observes a different gene, pol, with dissimilar proteins:

  • integrase
  • protease
  • virion reverse transcriptase

Meanwhile, the gene involving env is associated with gp160 protein.

Aside from these significant genes, the infection or virus has also structural proteins. Consider the following

  • p24
  • RNase H
  • Reverse transcriptase
  • Protease
  • Integrase

The information provided above sums up the infection’s genome and structure The genetic instructions of the said retrovirus are what scientists and medical professional’s study and analyze in their venture of creating the elusive HIV vaccine.

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