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HIV Test Results

hiv test results

When left untreated, HIV is highly capable of countering the immune system’s function. This illness naturally impairs the system and lessens its capacity to protect the body amidst viral colonization, which also invites different health complications. With this in mind, how does someone know the risk of HIV infection? How does someone prevent this life-threatening medical condition?

HIV refers to a kind of infection that abruptly changes someone’s way of living. When a person is diagnosed with the condition, daily consumption of an antiretroviral drug is needed. Add to that the change of diet, from which a person must leave bad food habits and maintain good health by only taking what’s best for the body during the treatment. While this leap of human survival may be a daunting task, it will become a regular thing to do in the long run. After all, the main objective of the treatment is to enjoy and live a longer and more quality life.

HIV Different Stages

When someone has already acquired the infection, the condition will likely progress in time if no treatment is given. AIDS, which is proven as the most advanced stage of the condition, will open doors for different health complications to begin its hostile effects on the body. While this stage can become very severe, it can still be prevented from occurring. By making use of the availability of the antiretroviral therapy, individuals can combat the said infection or illness and reach an undetectable status.

The first stage of the illness is Acute HIV (a phase where the signs and symptoms are more rampant and the transmission rate is very active). The second stage is Chronic HIV (the stage where symptoms have been lessened, but the illness has already caused little to huge damages to the body).

Being aware of the stages of this condition enables you to know the reason why it is necessary to have yourself checked and tested. This kind of testing observes different factors to get a concrete result.

Types of Tests Involving HIV

There are at least three types to choose from to know someone’s status. With these, someone will get an accurate result pertaining to the illness. While they may have different processes, they are still very helpful in diagnosing an individual with the disease. These are as follows:

Antibody Test

Should you want to utilize a cheaper way of testing, you can take advantage of this test. It is also known as a rapid screening test. It is highly capable of checking past infections. It can also be done at home by extracting blood from the finger.

Antibody/Antigen Test

It is similar to antibody tests although combined with antigen testing. It works by extracting enough blood and having it tested thoroughly.

Nucleic Acid Test

Blood is extracted from a patient. After the extraction and testing, the patient will receive the result after a few minutes. While it’s considered essential, the test will require someone to pay a big amount of money since the test is quite expensive.

Explaining the Results

Know someone’s status by performing the mentioned tests. Only through these tests will someone learn how his condition is after possible HIV exposure. It also helps the healthcare professional to better reach a diagnosis and give the immediate medical therapy that the person needs. It is by this way that the person can prevent acquiring more health complications.

Negative HIV Result

When you receive a negative result, it means that you are safe and didn’t acquire the infection. This result explains that either one of the test types didn’t detect any infection involving HIV. However, there may be cases of false negative, which usually occurs if the time of the test does not match the window period of HIV. Individuals who receive a negative test result must ensure that they do not involve in irresponsible sex just because they are negative. A negative test result may be a good thing, but this doesn’t mean someone to just engage in unprotected sex.

Positive HIV Result

When you receive a positive result, it initially means that you have been infected. If this occurs, a follow-up test is needed to ensure that your result is accurate. It will also confirm a doctors’ diagnosis. If it confirms your first test, obtain immediate medical care involving antiretroviral therapy. This therapy will help in reducing, as well as lessening the viral load inside the body.

Positive HIV Test and AIDS

One misconception in society is when an individual is diagnosed with the illness, he/she has AIDS already. To correct this fallacy, one must note that a positive HIV result does not mean AIDS acquisition. AIDS only emerges when the infection isn’t treated and has progressed without observing proper medical care.


HIV screening tests are done in a confidential approach. It means that nobody should know your result, except you and your doctor. Your HIV test result is protected by the law. If someone exposes your status, there should be a corresponding fine or penalty for the damage of privacy. A medical practitioner who assists you in your screening test must not disclose anything about the result and your condition. Furthermore, for individuals who will get a positive test result, make sure that you start your antiretroviral therapy at the earliest time possible.

For individuals who have been proven safe after the testing, ensure that you protect yourself from the probable transmission of the virus. You can do so by using protective barriers as you engage in sexual intercourse. Other than that, it is also necessary that you do not involve yourself in irresponsible drug use, from which you can use contaminated syringes or needles. For pregnant women, discuss things with your healthcare professional first to know if it is safe to consume antiretroviral drugs. Note that some drugs can cause serious birth defects. In some cases, people can be hypersensitive or allergic to HIV medicines. Speak with your healthcare professional so that you get proper assistance in what to consume for better living.

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