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How Many People Have Herpes?

how many people have herpes

What is Herpes?

Generally described as a form of infection, herpes occurs because of HSV or herpes simplex virus. If you happen to experience a condition referred to as herpes labialis, this is the doings of the same virus. It mostly appears in specific body parts, such as the genital regions and the mouth.

Just like other infections, HSV is also categorized into two forms, namely HSV-1 & HSV-2. In order to alleviate the massive effects of these forms, treatment must be administered right after diagnosis of the disease.

The first type or form of HSV directly affects the inside of the mouth or even the outside surface surrounding the lips. If you understand what cold sores are, you will also know that they can be triggered by the same virus. Avoid direct contact alongside individuals who have active sores in them, most especially kissing.

Meanwhile, the second type of HSV is the main culprit for the antagonizing herpes of the genitals. Sores appear on the sexual organs of both men and women. Avoid engaging in sexual activity with someone who has active herpes in their genitals.

Both of these are communicable. If you suspect yourself having these infections, immediate treatment is suggested to avoid experiencing further health concerns. Note that its cure is still absent, so make sure that you are properly treated with the necessary medications.

Rate of Individuals with Herpes

When the two types are compared, it can be concluded that HSV-1 has more infected cases. As for HSV-2, there aren’t many. This fact alone states that the first type of herpes simplex virus is not just spread globally but also strong enough to infect millions of people. This type infects gradually regardless of age. Furthermore, it is spread quickly.

In some instances, those who are already in their vulnerable age have big chance to get the infection. Such information is provided by the World Health Organization (WHO). Add to that the big percentage of individuals getting the said disease compared to HSV-2’s also malignant functions. Additionally, it has been known also that mostly women are at high risk of HSV-2 contagion, with a wide number of cases recorded worldwide.

Misconceptions involving Herpes

Just because herpes can be highly communicable, it doesn’t mean that people can never do what they are used to, especially their habits and their daily activities. While it’s true that the infection was already present decades ago, there are many misinterpretations or misconceptions involving herpes. These are the following:

Refrain from having sexual intercourse if you have HSV

Absolutely false! You can never abstain from doing something just because people can tag you as infectious. You can still experience any sexual activity as long as you are practicing safe sex. In every sexual activity, you must use condoms.

Using condoms can be dangerous regardless of it being a protective barrier

Again, this is absolutely false! What’s the use of selling condoms in many stores if you are not using them for safer sexual intercourse? The same goes if you have been infected with HSV-2. Probable infection only happens when you are not using such a protective barrier while doing the deed.

Herpes is only acquired by means of sex

Here, it’s already mentioned that the herpes simplex virus has two forms or types. The infection can be acquired by, of course, unsafe sex (vaginal or anal) and direct contact alongside the mouth of an individual who has the same virus.

It is not dangerous to have herpes

All infections are dangerous and risky. Note that it is your health we are talking about. Add to that the malignant reactions and symptoms associated with these infections. This explains the necessity to take care of your hygiene all the time.

There are still several misinterpretations involving the infection. However, if you presume to have acquired it, go to your physician urgently. Once you are believed to have acquired it, you should start your medication promptly.

Treatment and Prevention

Several medications can be great alternatives in the absence of an HSV cure. These treatments are specifically designed to diminish the pain and effects triggered by the ailment. Some of the major forms of antiretroviral medications affiliated with the disease are:

  • Acyclovir
  • Valaciclovir
  • Famciclovir
  • Penciclovir
  • Doconasol (a type of topical)

Understand the succeeding approaches to further diminish your risk of acquiring the disease:

To stop the continuous spread, as much as possible, prevent yourself from having contact orally with an individual who has existing sores.

Your personal hygiene plays a significant role in this area, so always keep yourself clean.

Diminish the rate involving genital herpes by preventing sexual contact if you are experiencing such an ailment.

Always utilize the advantages of condoms in safer sexual intercourse. It will always be the finest tool or device to avoid other diseases.

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