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How to Prevent Herpes Outbreak?

How to Prevent Herpes Outbreak

How to Prevent Herpes Outbreak?. Herpes is a viral infection. It has two main types, – genital herpes and oral herpes. The virus that causes these infections is known as the herpes simplex virus. Both genital and oral herpes are sexually transmitted infections however, an individual can acquire oral herpes through non-sexual activities as well.

There are several methods that an individual can follow to prevent herpes infection. These methods inhibit outbreaks from happening if an infection has already occurred in the past. Some of these include using condoms, abstaining from unsafe sexual activities, and taking antiviral drugs.

Learn more about these approaches and how you can manage your condition to avoid the recurrence of infection.

Genital Herpes

The most common form of herpes infection is genital herpes. Without proper treatment, this infection can advance to a more severe condition. It can cause skin cancer or even damage the body’s immune system. Some of its major symptoms include:

  • Painful sensation in the genital area
  • The appearance of blisters on the genitals
  • Skin ulcers or small red bumps
  • Itchiness of genital skin


How can you prevent genital herpes and infection outbreaks?

The first approach that a person can follow to is using the barrier method. It involves the usage of condoms during sexual intercourse. Using condoms minimizes the risk of transmission of herpes infection. It protects both partners while also limiting the possibility of viral spread.

The second approach is abstaining from any sexual encounter when you identify a herpes outbreak in the body. Any symptoms present during an outbreak put someone at high risk of getting the virus.

Oral Herpes

Also known as cold sores, oral herpes refers to an infection happening mostly on someone’s mouth or lips. It is highly contagious since it spreads fast. Its symptoms include the appearance of blisters on the mouth, annoying sores or ulcers, and painful bumps around the lips.

How can you prevent oral herpes?

The following are the easiest steps to follow to prevent cold sores:

  • Avoid sharing eating utensils.
  • Avoid sharing lip balms or lipsticks.
  • Do not share your personal items like a toothbrush or a razor.
  • Wash your hands frequently, most especially if you use public restrooms.
  • Do not engage in fellatio or oral sex if your partner has an active ulcer in their genitalia.

What can you do to treat oral herpes outbreak?

  • Lessen the pain of cold sores by using an ice pack.
  • Take your prescribed antiviral drug.
  • Avoid touching or scratching your sore.
  • Buy OTC creams and apply them on the affected areas.
  • Keep your hands clean.
  • Avoid stress to lessen outbreaks.



Prescription medicines are available to treat both infections. Some of the best drugs for these infections are Valtrex, Famvir, and Zovirax. After a diagnosis with any of these infections, your healthcare professional will prescribe you antiviral drugs to lessen outbreaks and provide treatment for your condition.

Until today, there is still no vaccine available to keep you safe from herpes. While there have been promising clinical trials, the development is still underway. Keep your immune system healthy and strong, and take extra precaution by engaging in sexual activities.

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