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How to Tell Someone You Have Genital Herpes

how to tell someone you have herpes

Being diagnosed with genital herpes is already distressing. It is an infection that doesn’t only affect you physically but also emotionally and mentally. The condition is even more grievous due to the judgment and social stigma associated with this condition.

Whether it be your family, closest friend, or your lover, speaking of your recent herpes diagnosis is both nerve-racking and fearsome. While your healthcare professional may have already lessened your worries by educating you of the treatment process, relaying about your health status to your loved ones is a different story and a big challenge at an emotional level.

Fortunately, being diagnosed with the infection doesn’t have to be life-threatening and a fearful experience for you. Note that this infection is common, and it’s not just you who can be infected.

For your convenience, we have provided a wide array of tips and intelligent approaches that you can use to break the news.

  • Think first if they must know about your status. In times like this, you should be aware of who to trust. Being diagnosed with the condition can be sensitive, so make sure that you share this information with someone trustworthy and reliable. After your diagnosis, your healthcare professional may have already discussed everything about the infection. One of them could be the transmission of infection through sexual contact. So, think again if you have to tell them about your condition since genital herpes has a very low transmission rate if not through sexual activity.
  • Learn about your condition. When you have a better knowledge of what you have to undergo or experience, you can educate the people around you as you tell them about your condition. This way, you can be confident and not worry anymore about the stigma lurking around.
  • Rehearse before you break the news. When you are ready to tell someone of your acquired infection, it is necessary to practice first. Please do this by making a note of what to tell first and how are you going to speak out of it. You can also make a script and include the critical points of living with the infection. Note that transmission is low if there is no sexual involvement with the person you are speaking with. Speak with facts and convictions.
  • Pick the right time. In telling someone about your condition, it is also key to know when is the right time to talk and lay everything about your status. If you are in a relationship, make sure you have already shared your medical information with your partner before getting into any sexual activity.
  • Be direct and transparent. Tell your partner directly of your condition. Be honest and open to your partner by being transparent about your medical status. This way, your partner will better understand you and even help you in the process of recovery. Listen and observe how your partner will response after your confession.

It is expected that things can come out really awkward after your confession, especially if you are in a relationship or just started dating. However, it is much better to be honest and open right from the beginning. Moreover, try not to overthink and follow the advice given by your healthcare professional. Take advantage of the mentioned tips, and hopefully, it does cover all in the basics you can keep in mind while telling a friend or loved one about your condition.

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