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HPV Vs. Herpes

hpv vs herpes

HPV Vs. Herpes. HPV stands for “human papillomavirus”. It is a type of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and is often considered the most common viral infection today. In terms of the number of cases, more women have been noted to experience or acquire this infection compared to men. This infection can also trigger distinct symptoms due to its several types or strains. HPV is transmitted through direct contact with an infected individual. Such contact involves sexual intercourse, whether it be oral or genital sex.

Meanwhile, herpes refers to a type of infection associated with a troublesome skin condition. It is known as oral and genital herpes. Herpes can happen regardless of gender. It can develop in the vagina, penis, thighs, anus, and even on the face. This infection may be treated, but the virus can remain inside the body. That is the reason why outbreaks happen.


The symptoms of these two infections differ not just in their site but also their intensity towards their host. Consider the following:


  • The appearance of warts in the genital area
  • Development of small warts in the mouth


  • Cold sores
  • Blisters
  • Itchiness
  • Inflammation

The mentioned symptoms are the most prevailing ones for someone who acquires either HPV or herpes. However, also note that some individuals can be asymptomatic.


The diagnosis involving these two infections are somewhat similar. Since these STDs mostly affect the skin, a complete physical exam may be performed. The check-up will include looking for symptoms of these infections, wherever they may be present in the body. If a blood or skin test is necessary, the doctor will order to do so. For HPV, since the infection can lead to cervical cancer, the healthcare professional will check for the female’s cervix.

Treatment and Prevention

Both of these infections can be treated using a series of medications. For HPV, the available medications are Aldara, Condylox, and Veregen. For herpes, infected individuals can purchase either acyclovir, famciclovir, or valacyclovir with medical consultation.

In preventing these infections, staying healthy is always an option. For HPV, a vaccine is available. The vaccine is highly capable of preventing someone from acquiring HPV. However, for herpes, there is no vaccine available. Using condoms can help in preventing viral spread during sexual intercourse. All these preventive measures are necessary to avoid getting more complications triggered by these infections.

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