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Living with HIV from Birth

can you be born with hiv

Living with HIV or Being diagnosed with HIV . Besides the lifestyle changes such as taking daily antiretroviral drugs, the emotional and mental burden of this condition can be very exhausting.

The new-born or infants who have inherited the condition from their HIV-positive mothers are also subjected to the social and physical impact of HIV as they grow up.

If you haven’t known yet, before the development in HIV treatment, infants who were born to HIV-positive mothers did not have the chance to survive or live longer. Thankfully, since the progress in antiretroviral therapy in the 1980s, managing the condition has been easier.

After the introduction of antiretroviral therapy, HIV infant mortality rate has reduced a lot. Owing to ART, HIV-positive infants who come out from their mother’s womb can survive and live their life just like normal people do.

Confidentiality and Resentful Days

There have been many cases where teens or young individuals with HIV are treated with confidentiality. These individuals are already living their lives to the fullest without the worry of being judged, and are protected from the stigma of society.

While some remain silent about their condition, there are others also who willingly share their experiences, and some even become advocates of safety and preventive treatment associated with HIV and AIDS. They use their example to inspire others to believe in the positive effects of antiretroviral therapy, and lead a positive life.

On the other hand, there are also many infected individuals who are still less accepting of their condition. Imagine taking regular HIV medications and having to undergo mild to severe side effects daily.

Additionally, an HIV diagnosis can also lead to various restrictions in our lifestyle, for example, enjoying sexual activities out of the fear of spreading them – both with or without protections.

With all the positive and negative sides of HIV diagnosis, it is still necessary to know that it is not yet time to give up. With the development in medical studies and research, there is still a big chance to live a quality life. This can be done by taking your antiretroviral drugs. Other than that, you can also participate in conferences, seminars and webinars that talk about HIV prevention and treatment. And who knows, maybe one day, you’ll be one of those individuals who fight for their cause and inspire others to make a meaningful impact in the community.


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