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Maraviroc (Selzentry, Celsentri) Uses and Dosage

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What is Maraviroc (Selzentry, Celsentri)?

Maraviroc is an antiretroviral medicine used to treat HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) that causes AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). This prescription medicine helps in preventing the virus from spreading in the body. It comes as an oral tablet and oral solution and has proven efficiency for patients. Since there is no known cure for HIV, the availability of Maraviroc gives HIV-positive people a chance to live a quality life.

Maraviroc is sold under the brand names Selzentry (US) and Celsentri (EU). The drug is used with other HIV medicines and should not be taken alone. This form of HIV treatment is consumed in accordance with the rule of ART or antiretroviral therapy. ART applies to a kind of medical care where two or more ARV drugs are used in combination in treating HIV infection and lessen further health complications.

How does Maraviroc work?  

Maraviroc is part of a class of drugs known as entry inhibitors. Also known as fusion inhibitors, this class of drugs inhibits the virus from entering and infecting healthy immune cells, thus slowing down the viruses’ replication process. It limits the infection by blocking a receptor and impeding its ability to make copies of itself. Aside from HIV, entry inhibitors are also used to treat Hepatitis D.

Incorrect usage of Maraviroc can lead to drug resistance. This is why following the rules of antiretroviral therapy is necessary. This treatment lowers the chance of HIV complications, which includes cancer and other infections associated with the virus.


The right dosage of Maraviroc depends on several factors. These are as follows:

  • Age of the patient
  • Pre-existing medical conditions, such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, low blood pressure
  • The intensity of the health condition that Maraviroc needs to treat
  • Weight of the patient

Take into account the following information with regards to the proper dosage that may be recommended to you by the doctor.

Dosage for HIV

Adult Dose for HIV Infection: Different Types of Dosage

Standard Dosage (#1)

  • Take 300mg tablet, twice daily
  • Morning and Evening – 300mg each
  • HIV medications that are compatible with this dosage – Aptivus, AZT, Emtriva, Epivir, Fuzeon, Videx-EC, Viramune, Viread, Zerit, Ziagen
  • Must be taken in combination with other ARV drugs

Dosage #2

  • Take 150mg tablet, twice daily
  • Morning and Evening – 150mg each
  • Recommended if used in a regimen that contains Crixivan, Invirase, Lexiva, Norvir, Prezista, Reyataz, Viracept, or Rescriptor
  • Must be taken in combination with other ARV drugs

Dosage #3

  • Take 300mg tablet, twice daily
  • Morning and Evening – 300mg each
  • Recommended if used in a regimen that contains Sustiva or Etravirine, Invirase, Lexiva, Norvir, Prezista, Reyataz, or Viracept
  • Must be taken in combination with other ARV drugs

Pediatric Dose for HIV Infection

  • 50mg orally twice daily – for children weighing 10 to less than 20kg
  • 80mg orally twice a day (oral solution) – for children weighing 20 to less than 30kg
  • 75mg orally twice a day (oral tablets) – for children weighing 20 to less than 30kg
  • 100mg orally twice a day – for children weighing 30 to less than 40kg
  • 150mg orally twice a day – for children weighing at least 40kg

Notes to remember:

Avoid using Maraviroc (both oral powder and oral tablet) should the patient has known hypersensitivity to the drug or any of its ingredients. The patient might experience possible allergic reactions and other health problems should the medication be taken.

Maraviroc is taken with or without food. During the diagnosis, the doctor will likely provide the patient with the right prescription. The prescription will detail the right dosage that the patient must follow. Strict compliance to the dosage will help in successfully treating HIV. Aside from taking the treatment, visiting the doctor frequently will help to know the patient’s progress while in the treatment process.

Aside from taking Maraviroc for HIV treatment, take into account the other possible ways to decrease someone’s risk of having HIV infection. These are as follows:

  • Prevention is better than cure. This is especially important in preventing HIV transmission. One of the ways to prevent it is by practicing safe sex. During sexual activity, use condoms or dental dams. Individuals can also make use of other barrier methods to stop or block the virus from entering the body.
  • Contaminated needles or syringes must not be shared. Other than that, toothbrushes and razors should not be shared for personal hygiene and HIV prevention.
  • Avoid participating in drug and alcohol abuse. Such practices may lead to unprotected sex.
  • Finally, get yourself tested. Medical clinics and other hubs offer free HIV testing. Visit these sites often and have yourself tested. It is better to know your status at an early stage than feel sorry later.

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