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Nevirapine (Viramune) Uses and Dosage


What is Nevirapine (Viramune)?

Also recognized under the brand name Viramune, Nevirapine is a type of antiretroviral drug used in administering medical treatment to thousands of individuals undergoing the negative impact of an infection called the human immunodeficiency virus. Similar to other antiretroviral drugs, this medicine functions by lessening the volume of the virus active within the body. By working with the immune system, it inhibits the appearance of other health concerns that will only worsen the condition. Consuming this medicine will help an infected individual live longer and stay healthy despite the illness.

How to use it

All antiretroviral drugs available in the market today are not considered the main cure for the said illness. However, these drugs play a vital role to those individuals who suffer from the infection’s hostile effects and symptoms. Nevirapine has a lot of benefits that someone can take advantage of and live like a normal human being. These benefits are as follows:

  • Guarantees a decrease in the number of viruses existing in the body.
  • Works closely with the immune system in maintaining the body’s ability to combat the infection.
  • Diminishes a person’s chances of getting more health concerns.
  • Weakens the viruses’ capacity to transmit and spread to other individuals.
  • Restrains the virus from progressing to a more severe phase – AIDS.

Once treatment has begun and the consumption of this medicine is observed according to the prescription provided by the healthcare professional, individuals will get all the listed benefits. Additionally, once an infected individual regularly visits the healthcare professional and keeps track of his/her progress, recovery is very likely to happen.

Nevirapine dosage

Prior to obtaining a prescription involving Nevirapine, there are certain medical factors that a physician needs to assess. These factors are the basis in producing an accurate prescription that a patient needs to follow and observe during the entire duration of the treatment. These are as follows:

  • The patient’s present weight and age
  • The patient’s past medical problems or concerns
  • Other or extra forms of medicines that the patient is currently taking

Just like other antiretroviral drugs, Viramune also follows a rule where it needs to be consumed with other ARVs to ensure that the individual is being treated. There are a lot of antiretroviral drugs available today, so the healthcare professional will choose which of these ARVs fit your condition and are suitable for Nevirapine consumption. The usage of antiretroviral therapy makes HIV treatment easier. It provides individuals with the simplest way to overcome this medical condition.

Dosage for Adults:

  • Usually, the dosage given for adults will base on the severity of the illness. After testing, the healthcare professional will know the entire situation, and by that, he/she will conclude the amount of dosage to be consumed on a daily basis.
  • The common dosage for this medicine is only 200 mg, which needs to be ingested twice on a daily basis. It means a total of 400 mg of Nevirapine per day.
  • As mentioned above, this medication includes the consumption of other antiretroviral drugs. The brand or generic name of the drug will be provided by the healthcare professional.

Dosage for Children:

  • An oral suspension of Nevirapine is available for children or infants, especially for those 15 days and above. Since pediatrics within this age range aren’t able to consume a whole tablet, the oral suspension is accessible for them to use.
  • The common pediatric dosage for this medicine is 150 mg, which needs to be ingested once on a daily basis. Additionally, the maximum dose is 200 mg.
  • Note that the dosage for children will vary because of their weight. Discuss with your healthcare professional about the daily dosage for pediatrics if you happen to have an HIV-positive infant or child.

The dosage also plays an essential role in the recovery of infected individuals. Without this aspect, any form of treatment is useless. It is also the main reason why observing or consuming the daily dose is very significant. Without it, there is no way to get treated.

How to take this medication?

Consumption involving Nevirapine is the same thing as consuming other medicines. It means that the medicine is ingested, like taking a normal medicine for flu. Since Viramune has two forms, tablet and oral suspension, ingesting it with food and water are the best ways to do it. Avoid chewing the tablet or even breaking it, as it will only make the medicine less effective.

Following these steps will help the body fight the infection and eventually help the individual achieve an undetectable status. If, in any case, you forget to take this medicine at the expected time of consumption, move on and make sure to follow your dosage for the next day. The best approach to always remind you of your daily dose is by having an alarm to have you notified of your dosage for the day. Always remember that your dose will you recover and stay healthy.

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