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Oral Sex and HIV

Oral Sex and HIV 1

With vaginal and anal sex as the primary mediums for someone to fall victim for the infection HIV and eventually AIDS, oral sex has lesser evidence to succumb in the same infection. It has been already indicated that the infectious human immunodeficiency virus travels and transmits by means of fluids that the body possesses. By using these bodily components, it becomes easier for the virus to infect and cause different symptoms that the body cannot take much if the immune system has gone damaged.

Although the shreds of evidence are lesser compared to vaginal and anal sex, there is still a possibility for an individual to acquire a similar disease. Aside from being smitten by HIV, an individual involving himself/herself to oral sex will likely get different STIs or sexually transmitted infections. Several cases have been recorded worldwide of many infections involving the mouth. In spite of its fainted association to the infection and its absence for the most common transference of HIV, sex involving the mouth is capable of giving you distinct infectious illnesses.

In terms of lining up the most typical methods for an individual to acquire induced illnesses, oral sex has always been on the bottom. However, just because the acquisition is rare, this does not require you to irresponsibly engage with it. Notwithstanding its zero cases, the infection can still be contracted hypothetically through fellatio or oral intercourse.

Consider the major forms of the oral intercourse. Be aware of the danger of these forms and discover preventive measures that you can observe.

If an individual gives the blowjob – Also known as receptive type of oral sex, it requires someone to perform the action towards an individual diagnosed of the infection.

If an individual receives the blowjob – Compared to the first type, this has ultimately zero probability of infection. Why is this so? The formation of saliva neutralizes the virus, making it inactive and not infectious.

Risk Factors – Oral Sex

Although less in transmission, there are existing factors that cause someone to acquire those mentioned contagion.

  • STDs – Defined as “Sexually Transmitted Diseases”, an individual is able of acquiring these kinds of diseases because of the said activity.
  • Amount of the virus – If the circulating viral number inside the human body is extremely high, a probability of infection may take place.
  • Sores and open wounds – Open wounds and cuts could be everywhere. While all these occurrences are considered normal, associating them with the infection is already dangerous. The sores can be agents for infection.
  • Ejaculation – Although the transparent proof is absent, ejaculation inside someone’s mouth can be alarming.
  • Menstruation – As mentioned, blood is also an agent for transmission. Any contact of infected menstrual blood to the mouth is risky.

How to Reduce Your Risk

Bear in mind the following preventive approaches to diminish any chance of getting the infectious disease.

Use of antiretroviral therapy or ART – Keeping this form of therapy helps in the treatment process. Aside from its convenient consumption of medication, it is capable to eliminate, as well as diminish the viral volume circulating inside the human body. It operates by inhibiting spread and growth of its population. Should you be pronounced of the disease, you will need to follow the therapy immediately.

Taking advantage of Pre-exposure Prophylaxis or PrEP – If there are forms of drugs that treat diseases while already existing inside the human body, there are also types of medications that prevent any disease acquisition. For PrEP, this is essentially true. The practice of taking any brand under this medication helps an individual to prevent being infected. If so, this means that only those with negative status or condition are prescribed with it. However, PrEP does not prevent an individual from acquiring other STDs.

Preventing sexual intercourse involving the mouth – Should you be experiencing an active breakage or wound inside your mouth, do not engage in such activity. It is a kind of exposure considered very risky.

Utilizing condoms – Taking advantage of protective barriers could prevent getting infected. These barriers may include use of dental dams and different brands of condoms. While some people do not take pleasure in using these, it is still very safe. Nevertheless, when you wish not to utilize these, make sure that someone does not release inside you.

Being aware of your status helps a lot to secure better health. This means that getting screened for the infection is necessary. Despite that fact that the accounts of how to prevent getting infected is already provided, it won’t assure your safety. Prevention associated alongside an action is still the key. Ensure that what you read here to prevent a probable infection will also be applied in real life.

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