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Sex with Herpes

sex with herpes

One of the biggest questions that doctors face today is if an individual can still have sex if he/she has herpes. The answer is YES. As long as that person is practicing safety methods and observing precautionary measures involving herpes management, then the sexual activity is still possible.

After being diagnosed with herpes, especially genital herpes, a person can continue with his/her sexual life, noted that the persons involved are careful and understand the risk of this specific infection. However, to clear all someone’s fear of having been diagnosed with this illness, it is just right that he/she follows a medication and observes the accurate treatment to remain safe and have a fulfilling sexual experience.

It is common knowledge that genital herpes is caused by HSV or the herpes simplex virus. This type of infection affects the genital area of an individual, making it difficult sometimes to engage in intercourse due to the fear of transmitting the same infection to the sexual partner. While genital herpes is considered hostile, oral herpes, on the other hand, is also possible to take place if both genders do not observe safe sex. Regardless of the type of herpes that someone has, if both parties do not practice the precautionary measures, the said infection is still likely to happen.

Understanding Herpes and Your Sexual Life

Just like HIV, the stigma involving herpes is also heavy in every society today. The fact that you have this specific infection makes you a candidate for societal judgement, just like people with HIV experience. However, you need not be ashamed of being diagnosed with herpes. Note that there are treatment options that you can use to recover and minimize the effects of this infection on your health.

If you feel that you are not able anymore to experience a fulfilling sexual experience just because you have herpes, well, you are wrong. You can still enjoy a satisfying sexual life as long as you take heed of the treatment available and follow all the directives that your doctor advises you to do. It is understandable that you will feel a bit of distress because of the infection. However, rest assured that you will be treated accordingly following the medications and therapies you will undergo.

Practicing Safer Sex

Having fulfilling sex is still possible while also minimizing your partners’ exposure to herpes. Learn that the infection can be prevented as long as safer sex is being observed. The following is a list of practices that you and your partner can do to prevent and stop the infection from being transmitted.

  • Utilizing the benefits of antiretrovirals – This is probably the best way to prevent the virus from getting spread. There are a lot of antiretrovirals drugs that your doctor can choose to and prescribe, which you need to consume on a daily basis. It doesn’t just help you from managing the infection but also assists your immune system in fighting the illness.
  • Using a condom during sexual activity – Whether it be preventing pregnancy, avoiding HIV exposure, or even inhibiting herpes transmission, condoms are the number one device in any barrier or protective methods. If you take advantage of this barrier device, you can safely enjoy sexual intercourse.
  • Avoid sexual activity during an outbreak – When there is a herpes outbreak, this is the time when you are at high risk of transmitting the virus to your partner. To avoid such an occurrence, do not engage in any sexual intercourse.
  • Utilizing dental dams – Dental dams are a great use in protecting yourself from acquiring oral herpes. It prevents direct oral contact, preventing the virus from infecting or spreading.

When you follow all these measures, you can never transfer the virus to your sexual partner. However, it is also necessary that your partner understands your condition and accepts that infection is likely to happen. But to prevent the infection from spreading, strict compliance to the precautionary measures listed above is a must. Also, getting tested on a regular basis will help with your treatment and get yourself updated on your progress.

Treatment for Herpes

If you are diagnosed with herpes, there are treatments available for you to follow and observe. One of the treatment options is consuming antiretrovirals drugs. Today, there are a lot of antiretrovirals or ARVs that your physician can prescribe you with and take in line with his/her instructions. It is also necessary that the daily dosage is consumed to ensure that the illness is being treated properly. Also, note that your dosage will depend on your body’s response to the treatment. Your weight, age, and medical history also matter so that your body won’t act negatively during the treatment process. If you are hypersensitive to a specific herpes medication, you will likely be consuming a different brand. Always take a regular visit to the doctor and get your condition observed properly to get your recovery immediate.

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