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Sore Throat Medicine

Sore Throat Medicine

Treating sore throats depends on the cause of the condition. If a bacterial infection triggers the said irritation, antibiotics are available to you via a doctor’s prescription. However, medical treatment is unnecessary if it is due to a viral infection, as it only lasts five to seven days.

Can pain relievers help relieve the condition? What is the best medicine for a sore throat if home remedies are unavailable? Consider the following:

Cepacol Sore Throat – One of the best oral pain relievers is Cepacol cough drops. It relieves sore throat pain by providing long-lasting numbing effects on the throat. You can repeat your treatment with Cepacol every four hours as needed for pain relief.

Chloraseptic – This medication comes in the form of a spray. It provides quick relief after a couple of sprays into the throat. It can taste bad; however, it is highly effective in providing instant comfort from irritation. This spray medication is the most substantial option for treating the condition, especially if it is tonsilitis that triggers the sore throat.

Halls Mentho-Lyptus Drops – This menthol treatment comes from the extracts of mint oil. It provides a cooling sensation when used to treat minor cases of sore throat. Do not swallow the lozenge. Allow it to dissolve in your mouth.

Little Remedies Sore Throat Pops – Little Remedies are the best sore throat medicines for kids. It comes in the form of a lollypop and has a sweet and enjoyable taste. It uses honey, which is an essential natural remedy that helps relieve and soothe sore throats.

OTC Drugs – Several over-the-counter (OTC) drugs are available to ease the symptoms of painful sore throats. These drugs are the best pain relievers you can purchase in pharmacies, including Tylenol, FeverAll, Advil, and Motrin.


What medicine kills a sore throat fast?

Besides the use of the above-mentioned medications, natural remedies that you can do at home can kill sore throats fast. These remedies provide instant relief from the inflammation and painful sensation that sore throat causes. These are as follows:

Raw garlic – When in doubt, do it the Ukrainian way! Ingesting raw garlic can be a little difficult for many; however, its antibacterial and antiviral properties help relieve sore throat pain instantly. If you want to take garlic more straightforwardly, you can mince it and mix it with honey or olive oil.

Honey – Honey is rich in antibacterial properties, which is highly beneficial in soothing a sore throat. Studies suggest that mixing honey in warm water or tea can ease severe coughing, which also contributes to a sore throat condition.

Staying hydrated – Keeping your throat moist can help ease symptoms of sore throats such as dryness. Water is your best option; however, you can also opt for cold beverages or teas.

Gargle with warm saltwater – Mix one teaspoon of salt into one glass of warm water and gargle away. Salt has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve symptoms of throat irritation.

In the absence of effective medications for treating sore throats, you can opt for these home remedies to provide immediate relief from symptoms of the condition. If your sore throat has not alleviated days after administering these remedies, contact your healthcare professional at once and obtain the necessary medical care.

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