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STD Testing

std testing

Are you sexually active? Using protection and regular STD testing is essential to prevent undesirable sexually transmitted diseases.

There are different types of STD testing today that you need to know. Learn the importance of STD testing and its types from this article.

Knowing your status plays a vital role in managing your health. That is why healthcare professionals always emphasize the importance of STD testing if you are involved in unprotected sex. Since STDs do not necessarily show immediate signs or symptoms, it is difficult to know if you have an infection. That is why STD testing plays a key role.

We listed some of the most common sexually transmitted diseases or infections and the types of tests you need if you suspect having them.

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)

Healthcare professionals recommend having an HIV test at least once every three months. There are three major HIV tests, and all can provide accurate results. Each of the test types will require your blood sample g. HIV tests are necessary, especially if you have multiple sexual partners. The same procedure is also applicable for syphilis.

Genital Herpes

There is no accurate screening test for genital herpes. However, your healthcare professional will ask for a sample of tissue from your blisters to check for the infection. A blood sample test can also be a method; nevertheless, the results are not always accurate. A physical exam may also be necessary; however, not all who have genital herpes may show symptoms.

HPV (human papillomavirus)

The human papillomavirus is responsible for genital warts. If it complicates, the virus can also lead to cervical cancer. This condition, too, does not have any initial symptoms. HPV screening involves using different tests, such as the Pap test and HPV test.

Gonorrhea and Chlamydia

These infections require a urine test or swab test from the penis or vagina.


Home test kits are also available for many STDs. You can use these test kits to maintain confidentiality. Follow the steps and procedures indicated in the product manual. However, not all STDs can be tested at home and need a visit to specialized clinics.

If, in any case, you receive a positive test result, take immediate medical help.

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