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Stribild Uses and Dosage


What is Stribild?

For someone who suffers from the massive effects of the human immunodeficiency virus, Stribild is one of the recommended medications to consume on a daily basis. This medicine, just like other treatments given for the said illness, is a mixture of four distinct antiretroviral drugs. These drugs work together by preventing the virus from its process of reproduction, helping an infected individual achieve an undetectable status. Strict compliance to the treatment involving Stribild must be observed to ensure that the virus is halted from its negative operations in the body.

As mentioned, Stribild is a formation of 4 major antiretroviral drugs. These drugs include Elvitegravir, Cobicistat, Emtricitabine, and Tenofovir disoporoxil fumarate. All of these are part of different drug classifications, which were combined to produce a single pill or tablet. This medicine is proven to be very effective, with beneficial properties in assisting the body’s immune system. After an HIV diagnosis, your healthcare professional will likely recommend using this medicine.

What is it used for?

This form of antiretroviral therapy is suitable for adults age 18 years and above. It can also be prescribed to children, but certain precautionary measures must be adhered to. Since HIV functions by increasing its number in the body, this medicine counters that action.

Similar to other HIV treatments, this medicine inhibits the viruses’ virulence. Add to that its capacity to enhance or boosts the person’s immunity, enabling the drug to become more effective in its operations. However, in order to fully obtain the benefits of this drug, its consumption must be in line with the healthcare professional instructions right after a diagnosis. This is why it is always necessary to discuss everything first with the doctor.

Aside from its capacity to prevent viral progression, Stribild also functions by halting the emergence of other health complications and the infections’ development to its more severe stage. Treating the infection means also inhibiting other medical conditions from appearing.

How does it work?

As mentioned above, the four components of this medicine come from their group of drug categorization. All these groups are specifically made to treat a variety of infections, including hostile HIV. These are as follows:

  • Elvitegravir is a form of integrase inhibitor.
  • Cobicistat is a type of Pharmacokinetic enhancer, which works by boosting the concentrations and functions of other antiretroviral drugs.
  • Emtricitabine is a form of NRTI or nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor.
  • Finally, Tenofovir disoporoxil fumarate is also a form of NRTI.

Mixed into a single medication, it becomes easier to consume the daily dosage, and treatment becomes handy. All the components have functions of their own, but once combined, it ultimately helps the body to recover from the hostile impact of the said infection.


Prior to receiving a concrete prescription regarding Stribild, there are many factors that need to be considered. These factors will play an important role in the treatment process. Furthermore, it helps the healthcare professional assess the intensity of the infection and the frequency of dosage to be given. Consider the following:

  • An individuals’ present age and weight
  • An individuals’ medical history
  • Types of medications that an individual is consuming at present
  • Other diseases or illnesses that an individual may have prior to HIV diagnosis

Note: Each of the components of Stribild has the following: Elvitegravir – 150 mg, Cobicistat – 150 mg, Emtricitabine – 200 mg, and lastly Tenofovir – 300 mg.

Adult Dosage:

  • The usual dosage for adults is only 1 tablet, to be consumed orally on a daily basis.
  • For dosage adjustment, only the healthcare professional can do so.

Children Dosage:

  • The usual dosage for children is only 1 tablet, to be consumed orally on a daily basis.
  • For dosage adjustment, only the healthcare professional can do so.

How to take it?

Similar to different antiretroviral medicines, the mentioned drug must be consumed in line with the instructions and prescription provided by the healthcare professional. The best recommendation includes consuming this medicine with food, making it easier to ingest and take. It is also necessary that an individual does not skip any dose. Skipping or missed doses only affect the treatment. To avoid such an occurrence, an individual can set his/her preferred time for the day where the dosage must be consumed. It helps him/her not to forget the daily dosage.


One of the major side effects of consuming this medicine is overdose. This phenomenon only occurs once a person takes more of what needs to be consumed for the day. This is why it is important to adhere to the directives of the healthcare professional. Doing so will help the treatment process and not the other way around. However, if overdosage really does occur, ensure that you can contact your healthcare professional at once and receive the necessary medical therapy or treatment.

Drug interactions

If you haven’t known the reason why it is significant to list down all medicines you are currently taking and present them to your doctor, well, it is to avoid drug interactions. It takes place only if the medication for HIV is added to the list of medicines you are taking in treating other diseases. To avoid this, discuss things with your healthcare professional first, and he/she will find a way to avoid this occurrence. If you are unable to tell your healthcare professional about the drugs, you will have to experience any side effects.


Correlative to other antiretroviral drugs, there are sets of warnings and precautions as you consume Stribild. Proper observance of the safety precautionary measures will help you not to undergo the massive adverse reactions of this medicine. Furthermore, it helps to be aware of what needs to be avoided during your treatment. Some of these may include:

  • If you are hypersensitive or allergic to this medicine, alongside its components, avoid its consumption since hypersensitivity can be fatal.
  • If you are pregnant, this medicine can affect your unborn child. Seek medical advice from your healthcare professional first.
  • Consumption involving Stribild may cause other health complications to take place, especially affecting the liver and kidney. Discuss with your healthcare professional the possibility of these illnesses and how you can avoid them.

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