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Tivicay (Dolutegravir) Uses and Dosage

tivicay dolutegravir

What is Tivicay (Dolutegravir)?

Recognized as an effective antiretroviral drug, Tivicay is also one of those efficient medicines that functions by yielding enough medical therapy to individuals undergoing the hostile impact of HIV or human immunodeficiency virus. Its main objective is to inhibit the virus from increasing its number, eventually cutting its capacity to multiply. Other than that, it also provides the immune system with the support it needs to combat the infection, a necessary action which the body needs to avoid a series of health complications.

Uses of Tivicay

The availability of antiretroviral drugs, including Tivicay and among others, opened doors for infected individuals to live longer and enjoy a quality life as normal people do. The benefits of having these types of drugs lessen the impact or obliterate the impact caused by the infection. Some of these uses and benefits may include:

  • It guarantees subsidence with regards to the population of the virus living within the body.
  • It gives enough support that the immune system requires while fighting off the infection.
  • It mitigates an individual’s chance of acquiring a series of health concerns due to the infection.
  • It minimizes the rate of HIV transmission to others who have not been infected.
  • It blocks the infection’s advancement to a more severe stage – AIDS.
  • It weakens the viruses’ capacity to multiply.

All the mentioned benefits are easily acquired should the medicine be consumed in line with the instructions or the prescription provided by the medical professional. Furthermore, while on the treatment stage, it is necessary that the patient regularly visit the medical professional to discuss the progress of the treatment and how they can better control the illness.

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Before giving the dosage for a particular patient, the medical professional ensures that the prescription is accurate and detailed. For this instance, there are different factors that the medical professional needs to examine first. These factors will help him/her to reach an accurate guide for the patient to follow and observe on a daily basis. These factors are as follows:

  • The patient’s age and weight at the moment of diagnosis
  • Past health complications that have been treated
  • Other types of drugs that the patient is currently taking

Tivicay comes in the form of a tablet and oral solution. The tablet form is suitable for adults. Meanwhile, the oral solution is given to children and infants who are not able to consume a whole tablet yet. Regardless of the form, this medicine is highly able to provide medical relief to adults and children suffering from the intensive effects of the said infection. The detailed dosage is given below:

Dosage for Adults:

  • The usual dosage given for adults is only 50 mg, to be consumed on a daily basis.
  • The dosage will likely increase depending on the severity or intensity of the condition. For dosage maintenance, only the doctor can provide the necessary dose that the patients need to consume going forward.
  • Alongside other antiretroviral medicines, Tivicay is also consumed with other drugs to boost its medical properties. One of those antiretroviral drugs is Rilpivirine.

Dosage for Children:

  • The usual dosage given for adults will depend on their weight.
  • The common dosage for this age group ranges from 5 mg to 30 mg, to be consumed on a daily basis.
  • As mentioned, children who are not able to consume a whole tablet of this medicine should use the oral suspension form of Dolutegravir. The same thing is given also to infants.

Always remember that the dosage plays a vital role in the treatment process. Without it, the treatment will not go well. Always follow the dosage detailed out in the prescription to ensure that you are observing the necessary means to recover from the illness.

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How to take it?

Just like how other medicines are consumed, the same this is performed for ingesting Tivicay. For the tablet form of the medicine, individuals can ingest it with or without food. To make sure that the patient does not encounter an upset stomach while on the treatment, is it better to consume this medicine with food. Drinking water after each consumption also helps in the absorption of this medicine. Also, breaking or chewing the tablet is not advisable. It is essential to always follow the instructions provided by the medical professional.

For the oral solution, it can be mixed with food or water. Just make sure that the entire dose for the day is consumed and that nothing is wasted. During the treatment, it is necessary not to skip or miss a single dose. It will only affect the entire treatment, making it difficult to combat the infection. However, in cases where a single dose is unintentionally missed, setting the alarm for the notification is always a remedy.

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