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Viread (Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate) Uses and Dosage


What is Viread (Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate)?

One of the most widely used antiviral drugs today is Viread. It has dual purposes and functions. First, this medicine is administered to provide medical therapy to those who have been suffering from HIV and its hostile effects on the body. Second, this antiviral drug is given for proper medical care to individuals who are diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B or HBV. This medicine is suitable for both adults and children.

Since the body’s immune system can be easily impaired if threatened by a serious infection or illness, it needs proper support. That needed medical assistance is executed by means of consuming an antiviral drug, such as Viread. It is an effective and efficient medicine that helps the body maintain its healthy state by fighting off hostile infections.

What is it used for?

As mentioned, Viread is utilized for two different medical purposes. It inhibits the life-threatening human immunodeficiency virus from causing more harm within the body and prevents hepatitis B infection from getting worse. It lessens the warnings and symptoms that people experience as these infections go all the way in damaging the immune system.

Viread Prices

How does it work?

Since Viread is an antiviral drug, it is also a part of a group of medicines known as nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors or NRTIs. How do these types of inhibitors work? Consider the following:

  • Limit the viruses’ functions (if it’s HIV, this drug inhibits the viruses’ capacity to replicate; if it’s hepatitis B, this drug blocks the viruses’ ability to do a full swing infection of the liver)
  • For individuals with HIV, this drug eliminates the infection’s inclination to make more copies of itself.
  • For individuals with chronic hepatitis B, this drug lessens the impact of the infection and alleviates the chronic state of this medical condition.

This drug’s mechanism of action plays a vital role in the speedy recovery of those who have been afflicted. If the medicine is administered properly, in accordance with the dosage and prescription from the healthcare professional, personal health improvement is very likely to happen.

Viread Dosage

The dosage and prescription involving Viread treatment are based on several important factors. Before healthcare professionals give what patients must follow and consume on a daily basis, these factors are assessed and being examined. Consider the following:

  • An individual’s present age and body weight
  • An individual’s medical history, which includes past diseases or previous surgeries (if applicable)
  • Other types of medicines that an individual is consuming at the present time

It is necessary that these factors are recognized prior to the treatment to ensure that the patients or infected individuals will have safe and concrete medical care. For the dosage, consider the following:

  • The suggested dosage for adults is one tablet, to be consumed on a daily basis. One tablet may contain the frequency of 300 mg of Viread.
  • For children or pediatrics, the same dosage is given – one tablet for daily consumption. However, their dosage can change based on their body weight.

There are two drug forms of Viread. Adults and children are free to use what’s comfortable for them. Whether it be the tablet or oral powder of the medicine, the same effectiveness percentage is guaranteed. Also, note that the dosage guideline provided above is for both HBV and HIV.

Viread (Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate) Side Effects

How to take this drug?

If you have already experienced following a certain medical prescription, the same thing is detailed out in a Viread prescription. It includes the right way of consuming this medicine daily. Simply ingest it with water. Avoid breaking or chewing it. Additionally, to ensure that you do not experience episodes of stomach aches during your treatment, it is best to ingest Viread with food.

For children, since some of their age groups are not able to swallow a whole tablet, they can use the powder form of this medicine. The minimum dosage for oral powder is 2 scoops, which need to be consumed once on a daily basis.

Furthermore, in some cases, individuals are likely to forget their daily dose. To avoid such an occurrence, make sure that you have a setting tool, just like an alarm clock, to keep you notified of your dose for the day.

Warnings and Precautions

One of the warnings involve in Viread treatment is the possibility of drug interactions. That is why being honest with your healthcare professional during your diagnosis is necessary, most especially with the other types of medicines you are taking in the past until today.

Other than that, if you are allergic to this drug, as well as its components, do not use it. Tell your healthcare professional so that you will get another form of antiviral treatment.

In conclusion, it is a must that you follow the prescription and the dosage provided to you. Doing so will help in your treatment, and you will have a speedy improvement amidst the hostile effects of HIV and HBV.

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