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What Age Does A Man Stop Getting Hard?

what age does a man stop getting hard?

Famously known as impotence, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a type of condition that impedes a man’s ability to maintain an erection. Approximately 12 million men have experienced this condition in the United States alone. It can be both short-term and long-term, although treatment options are available to control and manage the illness.


At what age does a man stop getting hard? One of the factors leading to ED is aging. According to a study, a man in his 40s may already be experiencing symptoms of the condition. It says that the older you become, the more you become at risk of developing ED.


It is necessary to note that ED occurs regardless of age. Whether you are in your 20s or 30s, your chance of developing the condition is inevitable due to your lifestyle choices. But for this specific illness, it is age that serves as the major contributing factor to ED development.


At what age does a man stop being sexually active? Having good sexual performance is a plus in every relationship. However, when we become older, our sexual drive tends to decline. Many say that as we enter our senior years, we stop being sexually active. But this theory was invalidated after a study by the University of Chicago Medical Center.


The study reported that men between 75 to 85 years old still enjoy their sex life as if their sexual drive remains intact. It is also concluded that 38.9 percent of these men remain sexually active despite their age. Regardless of their retirement age, men can still have a happy sex life and satisfying bed performance.


Other lifestyle risk factors for ED

Aside from age, our lifestyle choices matter with regard to the development of ED. These are what cause the condition to occur, which can lead to lower sex drive and performance. Consider the following:


Poor Diet – Not getting enough nutrients and vitamins from the food you eat can contribute to ED. In your daily meal plan, always include foods that are rich in L-arginine, boron, niacin, and zinc. These nutrients are essential in improving blood flow. Proper blood circulation helps maintain penile function.


Addiction – Excessive use and consumption of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs can also contribute to the condition. When they become an addiction, it can be hard to stop them. This type of addiction can cause the blood vessels to narrow and reduce blood flow, leading to ED.


Stress – Our emotional and mental health also plays a vital role in keeping our penile function. If you are stressed or anxious, your erection can become limited. These negative emotions can lead to poor sexual performance.


Aside from the mentioned risk factors, there are other that minimally contributes to ED. These include poor oral hygiene, obesity, excessive use of mobile gadgets, and a sedentary lifestyle. But, not to worry, though. Several treatment options are available to address ED and its symptoms. This includes the use of oral medications like Cialis and the famous Viagra.


If you ask at what age do men need Viagra, the answer will depend on how and when the ED diagnosis takes place. Note that ED can happen regardless of age, so taking Viagra will rely on the pop-up of an erectile dysfunction illness.

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