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What Foods Can Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

What foods can help with erectile dysfunction?

What foods can help with erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition that describes a man’s incapacity to maintain or achieve an erection. It usually occurs in older men; however, it can also be diagnosed in younger adults due to poor lifestyle choices. While this can be very overwhelming, treatment options are available.

The use of oral medications serves as the primary form of treatment for ED. However, natural methods are also accessible, such as consuming the correct type of foods daily. They are a natural source of nutrients the body needs to function at its best. But what foods help erectile dysfunction? Consider the following:



Berries are known for their rich source of antioxidants. One of these agents is flavonoids. The composition of flavonoids in berries helps reduce the occurrence of ED. Additionally, berries have essential vitamins that help boost sperm count. Consuming this type of food helps aid in ED and boosts sexual performance. The best berries to consume are strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries!


Red Wine

You might think that red wine does not do any good for the body; however, it is the exact opposite for men with ED. Red wine contains nitric oxide that helps relax the arteries throughout the body. This stimulates blood flow to the penis and helps with erection. Additionally, it helps maintain the high testosterone levels in the penile region, making it possible to keep an erection throughout the entire duration of sexual activity. Pairing your glass of red wine with flavonoid-rich berries can curb erectile dysfunction.


Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet consists of different varieties of food but is rich in essential nutrients and vitamins necessary to aid ED. What makes this kind of diet extra special is its capacity to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. According to a study, ED and cardiovascular diseases have similarities in terms of endothelial impairment. Because of this, it is safe to say that the blood vessels become incapable of stimulating proper blood flow, especially in the penile region. The best foods to eat in the Mediterranean diet are fish, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.


Olive Oil

Men with ED can benefit from adding olive oil to their meal plan. Olive oil has proven efficient in preventing ED. Studies suggest that olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help impact sexual function positively.


Leafy Vegetables

Leafy greens contain high levels of nitrates that boost blood flow and circulation to the penis. Doctors recommend these vegetables to people with prostate cancer, so you can see their efficiency in ED. Some of the best leafy greens to consume are spinach, turnip greens, and asparagus.


Protein-rich foods

A man with ED should not overlook protein-rich foods in their daily meal plan. Doctors recommend protein foods that contain L-arginine. It is an amino acid found in red meat, fish, nuts, poultry, and dairy products. This amino acid also helps widen and relax the blood vessels, enough to stimulate blood flow to the penis.



Did you know that fruit can be considered Viagra? Well, we are talking about Watermelon. This fruit has the same effects and benefits that ED medications can provide to the blood vessels. It is a rich source of citrulline, which eases blood vessels and boosts blood flow to the male genitalia. Studies suggest that eating watermelon help revive a man’s sexual drive and libido.



Although these foods have beneficial effects on ED, taking oral medications may still be what your doctor will recommend. However, adding the mentioned food items to your meal plan will boost your treatment and, eventually, reduce incidences of erectile dysfunction.

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