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When to start birth control pills

When to start birth control pills

One of the significant problems that the world is facing today is overpopulation. Besides the scarcity of natural resources, overpopulation has become prevalent and problematic in most countries, especially in the third-world category.

Family planning has been the most effective strategy to resolve overpopulation. It includes the usage of birth control pills, condoms, and natural methods like identifying a woman’s fertility window. For many years, contraception has played a vital role in preventing pregnancy, and for this article, we will be focusing more on the benefits of birth control pills.

The issue regarding community bottleneck is not just about being able to survive and live for the day. It’s also about a family’s personal choice on when to plan and proceed with the pregnancy. Married or not, knowing when to start birth control pills is crucial in the objective of reproductive life planning.

When is the best time to start birth control

The first step in using birth control pills is learning the basics. For this particular contraceptive strategy, you should know that there are different ways that you need to consider when deciding on birth control pills. These are as follows:


  • Quick Start Method – This method involves taking the pill the same day you receive it from the pharmacy. It is also the widely used method that women follow nowadays. However, using another birth control method (like a condom) for the first seven days of daily pill consumption is necessary. It will help prevent pregnancy should you have plans on having sexual contact.


  • Fifth-Day Start Method – This method involves your monthly period. Before consuming your first birth control pill, wait until the 5th day of your menstrual period. This method will ensure that you are protected against pregnancy.


  • Sunday Start Method – This one is an excellent choice among the listed methods above. Taking your pill on Sunday and maintaining your consumption every day as instructed will ensure no periods on weekends. This method is beneficial for those who are active during the weekends. It is a wise option for preventing unwanted pregnancy.


When is the best time to start birth control pills? The truth is, it depends on your option. Whether “quick start method” or “Sunday start method”, the benefits are the same. These methods are available and introduced because they are effective for family planning. If you delve more into these strategies, you will notice that they are also straightforward to follow.

If you decide on choosing this method, you should know that there are different types of birth control pills. These types include the combination pill (28 days) and the progestin-only pill (21 days).

The combination pill is a reflection of the fifth-day start method. Take your first combination pill after five days, starting your menstrual period. Failure to do so can lead to unwanted pregnancy. Combination pills also involve using other birth control methods if you are sexually active.

Meanwhile, taking the Progestin-only pill protects you from pregnancy within two days of your first pill consumption. It has a similar rule to using combination pills. If you plan on having sexual intercourse within the 2-day timeframe, you need to use another birth control method to prevent pregnancy.

When do you start birth control pills? If you are sexually active and have no plans on getting pregnant, then today is the best time to begin taking them. Discuss with your healthcare professional your plans on using birth control pills. Besides learning its benefits, you should also know its side effects on your health.



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