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Why is HIV more common in the LGBT community in the US?

why is hiv more common in the lgbt community in the us

The US happens to be among the few nations with the highest LGBT population. Biologically, most LGBT people engage in anal sex, which is the most effective way of HIV transmission. Why is HIV more common in the LGBT community? The reason for this is the biological structure of the rectum as compared to the vagina. The vagina is thickly lined with a layer of epithelial cells. These cells act as a barrier. The rectum has only one single thin layer of these cells. This thin layer of tissues is very easily broken during intercourse, allowing the virus to pass through easily.

The rectal tissues are rich in the cells prone to HIV, known as the CD4 T cells. Research has shown that HIV can penetrate through the body’s immune system within an hour, and the virus only requires about 24 hours to spread through the body.

Apart from HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases are also most effectively transmitted anally. These sexually transmitted diseases also increase the chances of contracting the virus. Research shows a 500% chance of contracting the disease among those with syphilis.

The more sexual partners one has, the more prone one to get the virus, especially when sexual networks are small and open.

Due to the social stigma associated with the LGBT community, and social unawareness   many LGBT people, when infected, prefer to keep to themselves rather than seek support and treatment. This makes it hard to manage the virus and hence spread them more.

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